The Top 5 Most Impressive Hotel Concepts In The World

Are you getting tired of staying at hotels which look so alike that you can’t tell the difference? Do you want to get a unique experience? 


Here are the top 5 most non-typical hotel concepts in the world that will satisfy even the most demanding guests.   

1)  Ice Hotel


Ice Hotel is a unique hotel in Sweden that attracts tourists from all over the world. As the name suggests, Ice Hotel is built almost entirely of snow and ice blocks taken from the nearby river. According to some estimates, the average amount of ice needed for building the hotel is about 900 tons. 


Beds, chairs, tables and even the glasses in the bar are made of ice. However, nothing is melting. There is no heating in the hotel and the average temperature inside is around - 5°C. All the guests have to be prepared to constantly wear warm clothes and sleep in the thermal sleeping bags specially designed to withstand extremely cold temperatures. 


The Ice Hotel isn’t equipped with bathrooms and toilets. These facilities are located in the so called warm section nearby the hotel. There hotel guests can also find changing rooms and saunas for men and women.      


The cold zone of the Ice Hotel exists between December and April - when spring comes, the hotel melts. However, this fact doesn’t make the owners of Ice Hotel upset. They can change its architecture every year and attract the visitors who have already been there. 

2)  Treehotel


Another unique hotel that is worth mentioning is Treehotel. It is also located in Sweden, but this time deep in the woods. 


This hotel is like something out of every kid's fantasy - a big house in a tree that looks like a giant bird’s nest.


Despite its appearance, the tree house is comfortable. It has some bedrooms, toilets and living area. However, showers and sauna are located in two separate buildings nearby. Besides that, there you can find a restaurant, bar and relaxation area.


The owners of Treehotel promise that you will be inspired by the surroundings and get an incredible experience!  

3)  V8 Hotel


Do you like cars so much that you wouldn’t mind living in one of them? The V8 Hotel gives you such an opportunity. 


The V8 Hotel is located in Stuttgart - home to the Mercedes-Benz brand and the international headquarters of Daimler AG.


The hotel has 26 themed rooms, each individually designed and equipped with unique pieces. For example, the beds are made of real vehicle parts and the walls are decorated with original scenes from the car history. 


The location of this hotel is also remarkable. The building, where the hotel is placed, was a  part of an airport that was built in the 1920s and used for commercial flights until the Second World War. These days the airport is closed and this place is more known as an excursion destination and as a convention center. 


Besides that, the hotel offers excursions to the Porsche Museum and the Mercedes-Benz Museum. Thus, if you’re a car fan, this hotel concept will make a great impact on you. 

4)  Wyndham Dubai Marina


Dubai is one of the largest and the most beautiful cities in the world that can guarantee you unforgettable impressions. 


One of the most remarkable hotels in Dubai is Wyndham Dubai Marina, which is situated a few steps away from Dubai’s most prominent areas such as The Beach, The Walk, Dubai Marina Mall and Dubai Eye. 


It is surrounded by a number of the most famous attractions of Dubai, which allows its guests to enjoy wonderful views of the city directly from the hotel windows.   


Actually, Wyndham Dubai Marina is perfect for those who like fashionable elegance and modernity. All rooms are air conditioned and equipped with tea and coffee making facilities and the best tech trends. 


What’s more, last year Wyndham Dubai Marina completely transformed its restaurants and turned them into a unique experience. Thus, if you decide to stay at this hotel, you’ll get the great combination of excellent living conditions and delicious cuisine. 

5)  Bubble Hotel


Bubble Hotel is a great place if you want to enjoy the moment with your loved one or become closer to nature.  


This hotel offers its guests to stay in a bubble-like pod with completely transparent walls. It is actually an experience like no other - you can enjoy the night sky, surroundings and beautiful views of the ocean right from your bed!


If you want to get more positive experience when staying at this hotel, the owners can offer you some extra options. For example, you can find the treasure of ancient spirits, blow big bubbles, fly a kite, etc. 


Thus, if you look for adventure, Bubble hotel is your choice! 


Here were the most remarkable hotel concepts that you need to draw your attention to if you’re going on a journey. Book a room in one of them and make your holiday fun and memorable! 

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