Kenya man undergoes total knee replacement, hospital claims

Kenya man undergoes total knee replacement, hospital claims


New Delhi, Nov 21 (PTI) A 60-year-old man from Kenya underwent a daycare total knee replacement (TKR) surgery at a city hospital here, which the doctors Wednesday claimed was the "first" such operation in northern part of the country.

Total Knee Replacement (TKR) surgery is a procedure to replace the affected knee joint with artificial material and serves as a saviour for patients struggling with severely damaged knee joints.

Knee Replacement

Knee replacement operation knee or knee arthroplasty, presents treatment along with also improved circulation to people afflicted by complex arthritis in the knee or an diminished knee combined. The cartilage is worn out and also the top layer of the knee becomes more irregular, also also intolerable, straightened. This leads to a big change in your body alignment, stiffness, stiffness, as well as pain.

Complete knee replacement (TKR) is common and entails taking away the bone and cartilage and also substituting the knee combined together with enhancements to reestablish both the all-natural movement and use of your knee.

You Might Require surgery

  • Your knees are rigid and bloated
  • There's pain During the Day, even in remainder
  • Strolling, becoming upward, or scaling staircase can be both Tough and debilitating
  • Drugs and treatment don't Offer You enough Alleviation

Different types of Knee Replacement Surgery

Remedy method for arthritis and damage in the knee joint depends on facets, like the status of the knee and also the individual's age and activity level. At first techniques for example fat reduction, anti-inflammatory drugs, and physical therapy are utilized to control the status.

Most sufferers who require surgical intervention may call for complete knee replacement (TKR), that will involve changing the full joint. Within this instance, surgeons mend prosthesis, or enhancements therefore which they glide against another and also shave the bone are as. These implants are made from plastic and alloy and also every implant is tailored to present grip.

Even the surfaces of the TKR are eloquent, like in an ordinary knee. A part handles the close of the thigh bone, a element addresses the cover of the shin bone and also the patellar part addresses the bottom of the kneecap.

Most pancreatic elements are alloy alloys (cobalt-chromium ) or even metal-ceramic metals (oxidized zirconium). The patellar part is plastic (polyethylene). The tibial insert part is additionally plastic (polyethylene). The tray element could Be Made from the Subsequent substances:

  • Cobalt-chromium (Metallic alloy)
  • Titanium (Steel alloy)
  • Poly Ethylene (vinyl )


"Joseph Maina Githemba from Kenya, was advised replacement for his left knee owing to an accident he had met 15 years ago," a spokesperson of Max Hospital, Saket said. Under the care of Vikram Mhaskar, Consultant - Knee & Shoulder Surgery, Max Smart Super Speciality Hospital, Saket, Joseph underwent complete check-ups before the surgery including blood tests, ECG, X-rays, cardiology and physician tests and pre-anaesthesia checkup (PAC).

Joseph was trained to do exercises that would be required after his recent surgery. "Dr Vikram and his team performed the first daycare TKR in north India using minimally invasive technique that included no tourniquet, injecting local anaesthesia into the skin before incision as well as into tissues at regular intervals, meticulous dissection, catching all bleeds before closure of the wound and injection of tranexamic acid to reduce bleeding post-operation," the hospital said in a statement. Total knee replacement has been a timtaking procedure with around three hours of surgery and considerable hospital stay post operation, the doctor said.

"Daycare TKR has served as a revolution in healthcare industry with minimal incision, exposure, blood loss and hospitalisation. It also brings down the total cost by 30-35 per cent compared to standard TKRs," Vikram claimed. "Choosing the right patient is crucial and no comorbidities in Joseph’s case made this first daycare TKR procedure a success," he said. 



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