How Reputable Tow Truck Company Ensures a Safe Towing Process
How Reputable Tow Truck Company Ensures a Safe Towing Process

Safety is a top priority when your vehicle needs to be towed over long distances. Poor road conditions can increase the risk of damage to the vehicle being towed. To avoid potential damage, it’s important to only go for a towing service which is professional and has years of experience. Considering the fact that if you need a truck to tow your car away, you’re already caught up in a tough situation - don’t let a horrible towing experience make it worse.

Flatbed Tow Trucks

A large number of tow truck service providers use the dolly and flatbed tow trucks to transport various objects. While a dolly is not as expensive as a flatbed, it is definitely more agile and able to get around more quickly. The only problem is that if you go for dolly, there is a chance of wear and tear to your car; your vehicle can get out of alignment if the truck driver goes over a pothole.

A safe and secure option is flatbed as the ramp onto which your car will be loaded gives support and balance. If the car is vintage, SUV or a truck, it is better to go for a flatbed.

Power train, shocks, and other components can easily get damaged during transportation. You can ensure the safety of your expensive car by opting for a flatbed. While many companies transport vehicles from one point to another, only a qualified tow truck driver will tow a vehicle in a safe and secure manner.

Uniform Tension

It is important to secure the four-point tie-down system before beginning to tow. Uneven distribution of weight can cause the frame of your car to twist so the driver needs to distribute the chain tension uniformly while securing your vehicle.

When your vehicle is attached to the tow truck, balancing all the forces in play becomes crucial. Even a minor nonuniformity can make your car topple over and get damaged.

Securing the Vehicle Properly

Securing your vehicle from all four sides is highly important when it is getting towed. It can easily fall off the flatbed even if 3 out of the 4 sides are secure so you need to be extra careful. New style wheel chains are also being used by companies for the purpose of securing the tires to the bed of the truck. Don’t hire a company with a bad reputation, always check the companies reviews on Google.

On the other hand, reputable towing service providers give the process due time and diligence. They ensure that your vehicle is properly secured. A few extra minutes invested in securing and double checking the load will provide numerous advantages down the road. 

A reputable company knows your concerns and is aware of handling them properly; the driver will take time to understand all your needs and cater to them accordingly. A good tow truck operator and driver will always listen and gently respond to your questions and queries. Knowing that your car is in good hands will give you peace of mind.

Action Towing is one of the most reputable towing companies out there. They have been performing safe towing operations for many years. Visit our website or check out our Google reviews for more information!

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