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There is no piece of clothing that tells history, fashion, and style, all in one, as the famous trench coat. From the east side to the west side of the world, the trench is known for being the functional and permanent garment for the last 100 years. The cut and length of the trench coat varied throughout the years. As the trends and fashion changed, the trench changed too. Now, the trench is going back to its origins - the vintage ones from almost a century ago are the most requested and sold. It is a classic garment that can put a serious beauty on every woman who wears it.


Today, fashion offers much more options for the modern woman. Suits combination of wide leg pants with a blazer have become women's wear of choice, so, the fashion industry is manufacturing lots and lots of different types of suit pants that will satisfy everyone's needs. From blazers combined with regular denim, chinos, ripped jeans, cropped pants, and many other models, one particular model that stands out is the wide leg pants. The wide leg pants have always been in style. They are trendy, fashionable and different choice for all of those who want to make a statement with their personal style.

The wide leg pants are associated with a formal and semi-formal fashion style. Most women who buy wide leg pants are making an appearance at an event, business meeting or even work. These and similar types of occasions like this require a smart and sharp look. The suit pants and every other form of formal pants are the most common choice, but those who wear the wide leg ones know that they are making another impression. Strong, powerful yet fashionable and trendy are just some words that will describe you the moment you enter the room wearing these pants. The market today offers something for everyone, so no matter whether you are tall or short, thin or bigger, the wide pants are the perfect choice for those who feel like wearing them.  

The fashion and tailoring teams around the world are dedicated to providing you with the best option of wide leg pants. Considering your height, body shape, and personal style, the brand Sumissura is customizing your clothes upon your personal preferences and are made to measure process results in the best possible fit and look. By offering all different kinds of pants – from regular, high-waist to plus size wide leg pants, every woman will find the perfect fitting pants. If you are willing to try out wearing wide leg pants, but you lack inspiration about styling, we have got you covered. Here are our wide leg pants outfit ideas and the most important “How to…” questions regarding trendy and fancy pants:


Wearing wide leg pants is cozy and comfortable. First of all, it is important to decide what your body shape is so that you can choose the ride kind of pants – regular or high-waist. If you are a tall person, both kinds of pants complement your figure, but if you are a shorter one, then go with the high-waist one because they visually give your body an elongating effect. Another important issue regarding wide leg pants is the length of the pants. You need to decide what your appropriate footwear to these pants is and let the leg sleeve fall exactly down to the ground. If longer, they will get destroyed very soon and you will not feel comfortable wearing them at all.

The wide leg pants are easy to style. They come into fabrics and materials that make them appropriate for both colder and warmer seasons. The wide leg pants made out of wool, tweed or some other thicker fabric are those who are suitable for the colder weather. They are trendy and will keep you warm. Those fabrics go well with thicker coats or jackets and together present a warm fashionable style. When it comes to the wide leg pants for warmer days, then the choices are a bit more varied. From all kinds of prints, motifs, and colors, to light fabrics like linen or silk, the wide leg pant is an elegant and everyday choice for all occasions. The styling in summer is mainly based on a short-sleeved or sleeveless shirt or blouse.

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