How Advanced Product Catalog Searching enhance Magento store revenue?
How Advanced Product Catalog Searching enhance Magento store revenue?

Revenue has always been in the hot talks of the eCommerce circle. A lot of factors contribute to the revenue of the eCommerce business. You need to figure out all the factors and combine them to make them work your way. There are also some elements which unknowingly affect the revenue of your store. You may or may not find them essential, but they undoubtedly impact the user experience and overall conversion rate.

Accurate product searching is one such element which is seen just for relevant searches. But it indirectly affects the sale of the website.

Why Do You Need To Buck Up?

The intense competition in eCommerce demands evolution and innovation, every second. You can’t be purposeless and focused at the same time. What’s the point of focusing on your business when you don’t have a purpose? The whole and sole purpose of ecommerce are to reduce the shopping time in comparison to the traditional business. You can’t leap ahead if you fail to acknowledge the purpose. Hence, you need to buck up and take the necessary steps to reduce the overall shopping time.

What Can Be The Best Way To Reduce The Shopping Time?

There’s no ideal answer to it. You will have to mold as per the demand of the market.

But There’s Got To Be Some Answer? Vague, If Not Ideal?

Yes, the course of the market suggests focusing on the product searchability, product finding, and product discoverability.

What Is Product Discoverability?

It is a procedure when you discover a product fitting your demands even when you are not searching for it. The total time taken for detecting such products is called as product discoverability time.

What Is Product Finding?

It is slightly different from product discoverability. When a shopper finds the product with certainty about the name or brand in his mind or at least know what has he come for, then he is known to perform an activity of product found. The time taken to find such products is called as product finding time.

What Is Product Searching?

Product searching is a procedure when a shopper searches the website through the search box. It may lead to both, i.e., product discoverability and product find. Working on these issues can directly stash customers’ time and improve the overall user experience leading to higher revenue. They are usually targeted by Advanced Product Searching Solution - Magento 2 Search Autocomplete.

How Advanced Product Search Affect the Revenue?

As a customer, as soon as I log in the store, I use the search bar to narrow down the search funnel. Why do I do that? Because I know that’s the most efficient and quickest way to search the product. The earlier I find the products, earlier I order them without any hesitancy in the mind. Let’s check how they impact the behavior of shoppers causing a cascading effect on the revenue:

★      The Two R’s (Relevance & Revenue) Are Interlinked

The advanced product search helps to show the relevant search results. It is precise than the native Magento 2 default search. Since relevance is one of the vital aspects of website search, it allows the customers to map the results with their desired products. This, in turn, affects their purchase-making abilities, indirectly magnifying the revenue of the website.

★      Narrows The Search Results

Advanced product search doesn’t reflect all the products in a headless manner. It is imbibed with the smart search algorithm. It narrows the search results which makes easier for the customers to find the products. The myriad of products might confuse the shoppers, and Advanced product search exactly dispels that doubt. What does it do? Again, it improves the decisive-power, causing a decent boost to the revenue.

★      Shows Descriptive Results

The meaning of the word advanced makes sense only when something is improved. Advanced search solutions are the improved version of the frumpy search bars. The word stays true to the meaning because it gives the brief details of all the products on the search result itself. Skim the list of detailed attributes shown on the search result with the help of this module:

❏      Description Of The Products

It enables the users to see the brief description of the keyword on the search result itself. For example, Brand name. A shopper can improvise or change their search keywords based on the description.

❏      Images Of The Products

It enables the image preview along with the description on the search page itself. Images help in the easy recognition of the products and untangle the doubts of mind.

❏      Ratings Of The Products

It empowers the users to compare the product rating on the search result page and immediately help in making the next decision. This again saves a lot of time for the customers.

❏      Add To Cart Feature

The advanced version is improved that it gives the authority to the shoppers to map their needs. It allows them to add the product to the cart from the search result menu. What does that mean? A customer won’t have to go to the product page to cart their products, reducing the complete shopping period.

❏      View More Or View All Options

Advanced product searching let the users navigate to the page where they could view all the options with search query at the top. Since all the features acidify the state of mind, the chances of sale and conversion rise to a good height.

  •  Reduces The Chances Of “No Results”

The advanced search feature should be so powerful that it should catch the synonyms of the input and reflects the results. This bleak the chances of “no result” page. A quality advance search doesn’t halt here. The search bar should be smart enough to read the special characters and the plural form of the words. Advanced search module interprets those characters and reduces the chance of exhibiting “no results.” “No results found” frustrates the customers and very well deteriorate the sales and conversion rate.

  •  Suggest Things Smartly

When we talk about reducing the product searchability time, what could save more time than the automatic search suggestion? Advanced product search is incomplete without the autocomplete and predictive suggestions. It helps those who are well aware of the products but are too lazy to type or those who don’t have much idea and rely on complex queries to search. So, it helps in either of the situations. Repetitively, it banks time, intensifies the user experience, and surge the revenue.

★      Read Misspelled And Typing Errors

There are 171,476 words in a dictionary, and you can’t guarantee to spell them correctly. There can be a spelling mistake or typing errors while searching for the products. “No results” is a big repellant. Advanced product search reads the misspelled words and suggests some entries even when the keyword is not spelled correctly. This saves their time and generate the sale.

Extend the Default Magento 2 Search Functionality

The default searches of Magento 1 & 2 are very slow. They lag all the functionalities mentioned above. Using a third-party search module can engage the customers for a long time and make the complete shopping experience a piece of cake. This, sequentially, affects the sale of the company.

Let’s check why you should be using the M-Connect Media search solution to revamp the product search and build a strong conversion rate:

A quick read through a list of Search Autocomplete features by M-Connect:

  • Gives a fantastic control over the number of products reflected in the search results.
  • Happens to predict the products just by entering the 3 characters (minimum).
  • Ability to display the counter which counts the number of products found with the keyword search.
  • Offers an option of “View all” at the bottom of the search results pop up to skim all the found products.
  • Choose the product data which will appear in search results.
  • Add the products directly to the shopping cart.
  • Avoid pages, category and parent category appearance on the search results pop up.
  • Allows comparing of the products by product ratings on the search result
  • Shows the search query at the top of the search result.
  • Additional advantage of fully customizing the layout of the popup window


M-connect Media Fulfills The Requisites Of Advanced Product Search. Adding this element to your website can significantly heighten up the conversion leading to a serious but desirable effect on the revenue of your company.

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