Music Streaming App- Are They Worth It?
Music Streaming App- Are They Worth It?

The days when you’d buy a music CD or cassettes are gone. Today it is all about online music streaming. The reduced data prices and improvement of mobile handsets have made it easy for us to listen to our music every day. But is really worth it?

Music purists still prefer the physical form of music such as CDs and Vinyl better than mobile music streaming apps. But the streaming apps are being dubbed as the future of music listening. So that leaves us asking one question only, are music streaming apps really worth it?

Let's look at some of the pros and cons before reaching a final verdict on the worth of music streaming apps.


  1. Convenience

Even if you have plenty of CDs from your favorite artist, it is very inconvenient to listen to them on the bus. Sure you can carry your portable CD player with you, but, you are already carrying your phone, so why carry another device?

With music streaming apps, you have access to your music anytime anywhere. The streaming apps have a cloud-based storage system, and all you need to listen to your music is to have a steady internet connection.

But what happens if you don’t have a good enough internet connection? Well, many streaming services now have an in-app download system. With this neat feature, you can download your music for offline listening.

  1. Space Saver

Carrying around mp3 files on your phone memory is all well and good, but it does eat up space. Nowadays almost all phones companies have cut out the SD card slot from their phone designs. In most Android devices, it is a hybrid sim slot they get, where you can put in an extra sim or an SD card. iPhones don’t come with an SD card slot either. So what does it mean?

It means that if you try to carry around mp3 files on your phone, it will only eat up space and probably turn your phone slower.

Which is why online music streaming apps are kind of a blessing when it comes to saving phone space. With just an app you have access to all the music you want but it is not going to eat up space on your phone. You can call it a win-win situation.

  1. Access To New Music

Before online music streaming apps, you had to manually look for signs similar to your tests. You’d have to go through Google search and had to listen through numerous songs to decide if you like the song or not.

With online music streaming apps, it is much easier to find new music. With their curated playlists and neat algorithm, they suggest you songs based on your listening history. So it is fairly easy for you to find songs that become your new favorites.

  1. Social Sharing

Nothing in our life is complete without sharing it with our friends. With the music streaming sites like Spotify, you get neat social sharing features that make it more enjoyable to listen to your favorite music.

Spotify lets you follow any specific playlist you like and the person who made that playlist. With this, not only you find new music buddy online, but also get to listen to hundreds of newer songs. You can share what you are listening to with your friends on Facebook, and Twitter.

With these social sharing features, you can find new friends who love the same music as you do.

  1. Exclusive content

Online music streaming services are where you get exclusive musical content these days.

Many streaming services like Spotify have their own in-house studio and making deals with artists. This means that those specific artists are creating musical content that will only be available on Spotify.

Not just Spotify, but you can find exclusive covers of songs done by your favorite singers on online music streaming apps. Something you won’t find on the radio or on your CDs.

With all these pros, it makes perfect sense to just buy a Spotify or Pandora subscription, right?

Well, before you do that, do take a look into the cons.


Nothing is absolutely perfect in this world. While the music streaming apps may seem like the perfect solution for your musical cravings, they come with their own problems.

  1. How Often Are You Listening?

Unless you are a serious music junkie who is blasting their tunes 24/7, music streaming apps can be a little problematic for you.

None of us really have time to just sit and listen to music uninterruptedly. Most people these days are only listening to music on their way to work, on public transportations, or when they need some background noise.

So if you are not really listening to music that often, then there is really no point in having an account on any music streaming service. Which brings us to the next point of this discussion

  1. Monthly Payment

On most music streaming apps, you need a subscription to unlock all the features. Services like Pandora, which is basically an online radio station, offers on-demand streaming for $4.99 per month. This removes the ads and gives you unlimited replays, skips, and ability to search for music and create your own specific radio station.

Similarly, Spotify has completely free music listening available for its subscribers, but for $9.99 you can get the premium subscription. This removes the ads and gives you unlimited skips and replays and access to exclusive content.

But what is the downside?

The fact that you can use these services for free if you want to. Except for removing ads, which are not really that overwhelming, the monthly subscription cost is not really going to add anything extra.

So if you want to listen to music, but are not a music junkie or don’t care for ads and exclusive content, getting the subscriptions and paying for it monthly doesn’t really make any sense.

  1. Connectivity Issue

Streaming services require a strong internet connection, this is obvious.

The internet prices may be reduced, but the quality of connection everywhere is not the same. If you don’t have a proper steady internet connection, then it can be pretty hard for you to listen to your songs. And there is nothing worse in the world than buffering.

In case you don’t have a Strong WiFi or LTE connection, music streaming is not going to happen for your device. And even if you do have an LTE connection, your carrier may not provide service in some obscure area you had to go for work.

And in these situations, those offline saved songs and mp3s are going to become your lifesaver.

So from a consumer’s point of view, it can go both ways for you,

You can either be in love with the music streaming apps available on the market, or you may not. It all depends on how you like to listen to your music, and what you want to pay fo it.

The story is a bit different for Startups who want to make their own music streaming apps and artists who you listen to on those music streaming services.

A Startup Point Of View

If you think you can do a better job than the music streaming services out there, then you are not alone.

There are hundreds out there who are trying to create the next Spotify or Pandora. But with this kind of cutthroat competition, are you going to make it big?

The first hurdle any startup has to face when trying to launch a music streaming app is the Licensing. You need proper licensing and permission for providing the music to your users on your app.

In the US you can get the license from The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers or Broadcast Music Inc. In Europe, it is given by European Stage Authors and Composers.

Providing your users with music without proper licensing is only going to get you into deeper trouble.

The second hurdle is the fact that big record labels will not consider making a deal with you because they may not see it as being profitable for them. This can affect your revenue generation at the beginning.

And of course, there are the normal challenges of creating a successful app. All the challenges added, you really need an amazing idea if you want to make it big on the market of online music streaming apps. Plus you have to think of a proper and foolproof monetization strategy to succeed.

So, Are Music Streaming Apps Worth It?

In the end, the decision is coming down to you.

As a listener, music streaming apps have lots of benefits. They are convenient and easy to use. And lets you discover new music on the go. But with their dependability on good internet connection, they are not exactly that convenient.

From a startup point of view, while there may be two more hurdles added to the already there challenges, it can be widely profitable if you can launch a successful online streaming app. Music is known as the ultimate medicine, and music streaming industry is reaching its highest peak.

So if you think you have the next big idea, then you should absolutely go for it. Because at the end of the day, Music streaming apps are worth all the hype. They are now the ‘future of music listening’.

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