Home Remodeling: 5 Practical Ways to Take Care of Your Furniture
Home Remodeling: 5 Practical Ways to Take Care of Your Furniture

Remodeling your home can be super fun, but also quite hectic and messy. The last thing you want to happen is to discover paint blotches on your furniture, chips and cuts on your dining table or cracks on your granite countertops! So, if you want to have a smooth and damage-free renovation, you need to take good care of your furniture and protect it properly. Here are our top five ways to keep your furniture safe and sound during your home remodel.

Designate a free room

Are you having a partial home remodel with some zones in your house staying intact? Do you have a room that you don’t use very often, like a guest bedroom or basement? These spaces could be the perfect temporary home to your furniture that needs to avoid damage. If you’re not remodeling your entire property at once, this is the most cost-effective and practical way of protecting your furniture. However, while this way of storing your furniture seems very straight-forward, there are a few things to consider. Big projects tend to run off schedule, so make sure to pick a space you really won’t need anytime soon. Pro tip: Don’t just throw the furniture inside of your designated room. Leave enough space for circulation—you’ll need it once you finish renovation and start bringing things out.

Rent portable storage space

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If you can’t keep your things at home without them getting in the way, you’ll have to rent storage space. Luckily, today there are various options, but the best is definitely renting portable storage containers. This way, you’ll have your private storage right in your driveway or backyard that can be accessed 24/7. Storage containers give you a chance to keep your furniture away from harm, but also provide you with maximum flexibility and convenience of having those items at arm’s reach at all times. There are various mobile storage sizes available, but make sure not to skimp on size—it will need to fit a lot of bulky furniture, smaller items and boxes. Additionally, if you’re planning a big renovation project of your apartment or condo, you might need permission from the homeowner’s association to keep your mobile storage in the driveway or building parking lot. Pro tip: Invest in a heavy-duty lock for your container to keep your furniture safe and snug!

Move your furniture to a rented storage unit

If keeping a container on your property won’t cut it for you, you can visit your local storage facility and rent a unit. This is handy because your things will be safely stored away from all the fuss of renovation. However, you will need a way to transport your things to your unit, which can be a bit impractical and time-consuming. Renting a truck is always a great option that allows you to move your furniture at your own pace. Opting for a Budget truck hire means that you will get to choose from plenty of vehicles from utes and cargo vans to actual moving trucks. Plenty of their moving vehicles can be operated with a regular car license, so you can just load your furniture, have a pleasant drive to your storage, unload it and know that your possessions are safe and sound until you finish your renovation.

Get some help

Moving heavy furniture is not only hard on your muscles and back (even if you’re only moving them to the next room) but it can also damage your possessions. If you bump your table at the wall, you will risk damaging both and prolong your renovation. So, if you’re not confident in your moving skills, it’s better to call experts to do it for you. Tackle this like you would tackle complete house relocation and get a few quotes from different moving companies in order to get the cheapest price.

Cover the exposed furniture

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If there are items you just can’t move out like counters, cabinets, tubs and such, you’ll have to protect them with something. Luckily, there are plastic covers perfect for large furniture and other elements and can be installed and removed very quickly. However, make sure to seal your plastic cover with some masking tape to prevent dust from reaching your furniture. Counters, on the other hand, are best covered with cardboard. You don’t want your contractor to drop a hammer on your granite counter that’s only covered with a plastic sheet! So, grabbing some cardboard is the best idea. When the surface is covered with thick cardboard, your workers can even use it for keeping tools, buckets and other things they need to push your reno forward without any fear of damaging your countertops.

Removing and protecting your furniture might seem like a lot of trouble, but it will be so worth it! You will get to have a relaxed and smooth renovation without all the items getting in your way and you’ll allow your furniture to retain its new and gorgeous look. With proper furniture care, you’re saving money, time and nerve!


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