6 far-reaching reasons to invest time and money in node.js to be startup hero.
6 far-reaching reasons to invest time and money in node.js to be startup hero.

Starting a startup is very common nowadays. In fact, it is very common that every day, the earth is witnessing more new trees than the new startups! According to GRM national report, there are more than 100 million startups companies are launched in every year. That mean, a whopping 2739726 startups are coming in the market every day. This is a very huge number. But some of you may argue, “Well, I don’t see these much of companies around me.” that is because the success rate of the startups is only 10%. Only 10 startups out of 100 become sufficient to generate revenue in millions.


Reasons for these much of devastation are poor marketing, poor deployment, poor design, poor digital performance and many more. But if we narrow it down, then we can conclude all reasons into main two reasons which are poor user experience and poor money planning. Any startups can avoid these major two reasons for failure by simply adopting node.js technology. I know, it is very early to say that. But wait till the end of this blog, I will prove it to you that these are the major features node.js technology is owning which helps startups to save money in mobile app development and delivering best in class user experience.


What is the big deal with Node.js?  


Let me keep it in the most simple way.


  • In order to make a mobile app or even a web page, there are two types of coding a developer has to do. One is the for the server which is called server-side coding and one is for the client which is called client-side coding. Here the client is the user who asks for service by clicking on the web page. This message goes to the server and with the help of server-side coding, the server generates the response of the request and sends it to the client(user).
  • Now, the developer has to do the code of both server side and client side in some sort of programming language. But until node.js hasn’t been published, developers have to perform coding in two different languages which is a high risk of activity and also holding a tag of time-consuming activity.
  • Node.js lets developers to do coding in the single JavaScript on both server and client side. Because node.js is the run-time JavaScript framework which runs JavaScript on the server-side too.


Hope, you are clear about the idea of Node.js. Now, let’s move ahead the learns other properties of the node.js which will be beneficial for your startups.


What are the properties of node.js which help your startup?


Due to the unique structure of the node.js, it becomes so easy to develop more user-friendly and complex web pages and apps. All major companies are adopting node.js in their apps. Following graph clearly depicts that the popularity of JavaScript and Node.js is highest among the all.   

 Let’s see some of the properties of the node.js which helps your startups. 


1) Easy to learn and use


Node.js has a direct link with the JavaScript which is the most popular programming language. Anyone who knows JavaScript can learn node.js so easily. So, this is how a single programmer can do coding on both the server side and the client side. Now, imagine how much money you can save by not hiring two different developers for the client and server-side scripting?


2) Dynamic Web pages


Dynamic web pages are something which gets changed every time it opens. It shows different data,  based on time, type of users and interaction of the users. In the current trend, dynamic web pages are the prime need of all apps because people love it. It conveys the purpose of the app in the most prominent way. Best examples of it are the Facebook app and the TikTok app. Whenever you open the app, you see the new data. By using node.js, You can also bring the dynamic pages in your app to give more satisfying user experience to the users.


3) Single language in the house


If we study the migration story of PayPal and Netflix to Node.js, it is clear that the major reason why PayPal adopted node.js is because of the communication barrier between front end and back end developers. Since node.js can be run on both server and client side, even if you hire two different developers, there is a high chance that the process gets delayed because the knowledge of the front end and back end developer is different.


4) Cross Platform 


Cross-platform is referred to the software or the app which can run on multiple platforms like Windows and Linux. If you build an app by using node.js, that apps can run on macOS, Linux and Windows servers. Also, you can use any language which can compile to JavaScript to code the client site of the app. Thus, node.js gives your app a wing to fly in the open sky of all platforms, without worrying whether this platform allows me or not! Meanwhile, you can save a lot of amount by not spending on different platforms.


5) Quick implementation, best for MVP


A minimum viable product is the concept of the startup where a service is launched with a minimum or core feature to know the market response. Now, of course, you as a startup when developing MVP, care most about the time and money. You obviously want to launch it as fast as it possible in the market as it is not your final product. By creating an app in the node.js, the developer can build an app in just a few days, thanks to its NPM ecosystem which provides all types of the module for the app. These modules include the I/O system of the file. Networking and cryptography function.


6) More Scalable      


Scalability is the capacity of the network or the system to handle the number of request in a single time. Let’s understand the scalability of node.js in a more broader way. Unlike other server-side scripting framework, node.js is based on single-threaded legacy. In a multi-thread environment, the server creates each new thread to handle a new request. In the case of too many requests, if the server runs out of the thread, any new requests go directly into waiting state. But in the single thread environment, at the server side, some sort of magic happens. Every new request is handled by a single thread.  That single thread has so many other back workers. So according to the type of the request, a single thread passes the request to the related back worker. That back worker is responsible for analyzing the request, processing of the request, preparing response and sending the response to the client. This is how, in node.js, it is possible to handle more number of requests in a single time.


By giving the ability to handle more users, your app can provide a pancake level smooth experience to your users.


Now, think it in an economical way. You can handle more number of users in a single time in a single thread environment than the multi-thread environment, with the minimum hardware requirements. This will save a lot of your money! After migrating to node.js, LinkedIn cut down its servers from 30 to 3.



Top companies which have adopted Node.js

If you are hyper-tensed before adopting node.js for an app, here is the little effort from my side to make you feel relax.

Top companies like LinkedIn, Netflix, PayPal, Uber and Groupon have tried to implement their app on node.js technology and they have tasted the sweet fruit of success. Groupon has mentioned in the statement that they are serving more customer now with the less hardware. Netflix has achieved 70% faster app after migrating to node.js. PayPal has gained faster apps with 33% fewer lines of the code.


In the nutshell

Node.js holds so much of potential to hit the tech world by storm. Some of the node.js properties are so unique and productive that any big company or the small company can save a lot of money by providing a good user experience at the same time. Few colossal companies are migrating to node.js, leaving behind old technology in order to be more productive and user-friendly. You as a startup owner can also adopt node.js to give the ultimate user experience on the minimum budget.


About the Author:


Vishal Virani:

Vishal Virani is a Founder and CEO of Coruscate Solutions, a leading node.js service company. He enjoys writing about the vital role of mobile apps for different industries, custom web development, and the latest technology trends. 




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