For a profitable business one require an online presence, therefore may entrepreneurs and startup business owners get a website built or increasingly take a hands on challenge to build one themselves, because they would have been often told by having website they would get customers, but  sometimes that doesn’t happen. And this article covers some of the core reasons for why this happens. It is well known fact that some websites succeed while others fail. And for that it is necessary to find out reasons “why they get fail in bringing new customers to their business.”

It is unspoken fact that a successfully running company doesn’t want the wrong audience visiting their website who won’t ever buy. If they have such audience they are wasting their time money getting the wrong website audience there. Ideally, they want their target audience (specific demographics who would benefit from their products or services) to visit their site.

So, any business is probably falling victim to some of these common online marketing faux pas:

 Not sufficient in solving problems of their relevant audience:- “Most websites are written around how great their employees or team is, how they care for their team, and how well they are doing their business but they never focus on what problem they are able to solve for their relevant customers. One should have better skills & strategies for providing solutions. They have to keep in mind they should always be available to help their present & future customers. That’s the big challenge so, this way you can make your buyer as your hero & you could be their supportive ones always in their running business.


  Focus on Results, not only features: - Sometimes creativity is only focused on features which they are providing not on outcome which should be accomplished after all the work done. Always tell your potential customers the benefits that your product or services will do for them. For example “a drill’s features is not required for customer they just want a hole in the wall. So focus on the quality of the holes & how easy it was to create those holes… not the actual drill itself.”



Focus always should be on your potential & realistic customers not only on company itself: - Sometimes reasons behind not capable of attracting new customers attention is that your full focus is on your own branding. Your website is not bringing customers because it’s focus on company and its business not on your customers.” Instead of focusing on what you do or what you sell or why you’re awesome, instead focus on why your customer should care. How do you help them? How do you shoulder their burdens? Ease their plan? Make their lives better/richer/smarter? That is the big story one can create.

 The website isn’t mobile-friendly: - As it is well known fact that now a day people are browsing the internet on their phones. They don’t always use their cmputer. At any crowded place, public place all one are using their mobile. So, it’s important to make sure your website is mobile-friendly so that it can be comfortably viewed and navigated via different cell phones, tablets, and other devices. And one more thing is important is that what one might not know is that Google’s search engine algorithms punish websites that are not mobile-friendly, so that’s another reason to make your website mobile-friendly as soon as possible.

The website wasn’t professionally built: - any company faces many serious disadvantages if their website was not built by a professional agency or website developer. First, the site must have proper coding for good SEO like , as well as properly-written metadata to also help drive traffic to the site when it comes up in search results. Thoughtful navigation and page layout are also extremely significant features    for a high-converting websites, because readers must be able to find the information they’re looking for easily, and the website should take them on a brief, logical journey as they read the story of your business, what it sells and why people should buy from you. Having professional pictures, language and a color scheme that makes sense to the viewers are also critical in keeping the right people on your site.

 The website’s content and its structure didn’t incorporate keywords: - Even if your website was built by a professional, if they didn’t include keywords or other SEO-critical features, then it’s like you paid to place an advertisement but didn’t include any contact information. Your website needs keywords so that people can find organically on search engines. Keywords not only need to be placed in the text on the website but especially in the website structure, meaning title tags, alt tags, metadata, etc.

 Devoid of a functional inbound strategy:- If your business lacks an inbound marketing strategy, then your site definitely doesn’t get nearly as many website visitors and leads/customers as you would with one. A functional inbound strategy should incorporate landing pages, social media marketing, online PPC advertising, email marketing, and SEO components to drive the right types of people to the website and persuade them to become leads or customers.

 There isn’t a blog or the website doesn’t get new content regularly: - If a blog is absent from companies site, they are doing their business a misfortune. Blogs help SEO and can be a key part of an inbound marketing strategy that helps bring new visitors as well as returning visitors to your website. A way to help your website’s SEO without a blog is to regularly update content on your website. Whether that’s adding pictures, changing keywords, altering headings, making new pages, adding videos or case studies- keeping your website fresh and regularly updating it will help attract web crawlers and ultimately move your site up in search results.

 No call – to-actions: - Speaking of CTAs, your business website won’t have much luck without them. A website needs to lead visitors through the pages, but it also needs to tell people how to act. For example, on a product page, you should find a couple of pictures of the product, the name of the product, a artifact description, and a “buy” button or something similar. That is a CTA and they are necessary in order to make a website produce leads or customers. Additionally, your business’s social media posts, online advertisements, email blasts, etc. should all have CTAs that suggest people act a certain way that will ultimately benefit your business.

Slow page speed: - when a webpage has a slow load time, it not only increases your bounce rate, it also hurts your SEO. It hurts the website’s SEO because site speed and page speed are looked at by algorithms, but furthermore, a slow page speed results in search engine spiders to crawl fewer pages, ultimately harming the site’s ranking.

 Not taking advantage of PPC (pay per click) ads: - You’re hurting your business if you’re not utilizing GOOGLE ads or social media ads. The most basic reason is that you should find where your audience goes online and place advertisements there. Since most people use Google and Social media, they make excellent advertising channels. The best part of these types of ads is that they are pay-per-click, which means that you are only paying for people to click through to your website- that’s a great deal. Google ads work through keywords and social media ads work through selective targeting. Think of this way: if you’re not reaching your customers through PPC ads, your competitors are.

 Not utilizing retargeting ads: - Only approximately 2% of click-through visitors make a purchase on their first visit to a website. That’s because most internet traffic is browsing. However, there is a way to market to people when they are ready to buy: retargeting advertisements. These types of online ads remind people of your business when they are ready to purchase. This is a cost-effective online advertising method that increases conversion rates and should be a part of all online marketing strategies.

 Not offering content in different forms of media: - Not everyone likes to read and not everyone is a visual learner. Different people comprehend and retain information in different ways, so it’s beneficial to appeal to as many people as possible by providing content in different forms of media, such as videos, images, graphics, downloadable stat sheets, case studies, etc. By expanding the types of media available, you’re expanding the potential audience.

The home page sucks: - Think about the last time one click on a link and went to a homepage that was just plain awful. You most likely left the website and went to competitor’s site. There are a lot of reasons why the homepage is incredibly important. First of all, it shows that your business is alive and trustworthy. If homepage is not attractive and in older vision then most of the visitors leaves the website immediately because it looks it was abandoned or that the company is no longer in business. And no one is going to risk giving their money to a website like that. A website with modern design elements is imperative, along with homepage that briefly explains/services are important or unique and its benefits to the targeted audience.

  No one checks website’s analytics: - If no one is looking at Google Analytics or even analytics within your CMS or CRM software, then how do you know if your website is performing well? How do you know what marketing or sales tactics are bringing people to the site or not; making them fill out the lead capture form or not? The answer is you don’t know. Analyzing your website’s analytical data is something that should be done at least once a month. Make sure, this is done by Google Analytics experience.







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