High Demand Android App Developer Skills for App Development in India, USA, UK, HongKong
High Demand Android App Developer Skills for App Development in India, USA, UK, HongKong
With the mobile market growing at a rapid pace, Android development is the fastest growing segment. With a billion Android users spread across the globe, Android app development is in great demand considering the increased adoption of the platform. The number of Android users crossed the 1.4 user mark in 2015. There are over 4000 Android devices with more than 400 Android device manufacturers. An experienced Android app developer would offer a level of craftsmanship which is required for getting a functionally rich and visually appealing mobile app for your business. With millions of devices around the world, the work of mobile app developer has become more fulfilling, enriching and necessary.
Android App Developer Skills
Mobile App Development Skills are in high demand as more and more companies take a mobile-first approach to build their applications. Along with Apple/iOS, Android is a dominant platform. When developing an Android App, one should have a solid knowledge of the Java language and have an understanding of the object-oriented concept that underlies all Java applications. Android app developers make use of the Android Studio to develop applications efficiently and effectively creating bug-free code. In other words, the Android app platform is quickly becoming more complex and popular. It requires an ever-increasing, and ever-evolving skill set. Find out the primary skillsets which modern Android app developers should possess. Below are 8 essential abilities an Android app developer must have to develop feature-rich, powerful and cutting-edge Android apps.

AUGURS Technologies is one of the supreme providers of Android application development services; we have served worldwide clients with applications built on varied Android versions from Ice cream sandwich to Nougat. Our team of Android application developers, Android UI/UX designers, and mobile analysts will work on your changing business requirements to provide a distinguished android application.

By offering the best user experience and flexibility, Android is becoming one of the favorite mobile operating systems among people. With a great deal of experience in Android platform, our Android developers build highly customized mobile applications that seamlessly work on Android smartphones and tablets.

  • Custom Android Apps Development Solutions
  • Business Applications
  • Communication Applications
  • Education Applications
  • News and Magazines Applications
  • Healthcare Applications
  • E-commerce Applications
  • Personalization Applications
  • Productivity Applications
  • Native / Hybrid Applications

Systematically built custom mobile applications with greater efficiency and performance

Custom mobile application development drives customer engagement and creates brand awareness. With smartphone users of high expectations, we leverage the Android and iOS developer tools to provide an application that connects with consumers by providing highly extended services. For the productive business investment, AES Technologies offers excellent Android or iOS applications that assure business success and improve app downloads.

Why Custom Application Development


    As custom mobile applications are built by keeping businesses in mind, it offers expected performance with multiple functions that are catered to suit your unique business needs.


    Off-the-shelf business applications may not have security systems to protect your sensitive business information, but custom applications provide high-level data security and other security measures based on your business needs.


    Accessing third-party applications will risk your business in the hands of unknown developers, but by owning the custom mobile application, you can take control of the app data and avoid depending on the third party tools.


    The custom mobile application delivers the promotional data directly to users through the means of notifications.


    By having a custom mobile application, you can synchronize your application with desktop and access all business documents, calendars, contracts and etc anywhere out of the office. You can also share your business documents with the clients through the mobile application.

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