A Daylight Device Buying Guide
A Daylight Device Buying Guide

Although Tubular Daylighting Devices (TDDs) or daylighting systems have been around for many years and are being widely used today in new homes or being installed on existing ones, there are many who are still not familiar with what they are.

People may know the term, have a general idea of what they do and know that using them can naturally brighten a home while reducing utility bills.

But how do you go about buying one? As with any product being bought for the first time, the more you know about it, the easier it is to make the right purchase decisions.                                                 

This is what you need to know.

  • Forget about sizes. While a bigger window will allow more light to enter than a small one, that does not apply to TDDs. If you are installing the top-rated daylighting system, the small size of the roof top light collector can be misleading.
  • Its small size is possible by the application of cutting-edge technology which allows it to maximize light capture.
  • Buy TDDs only from the dealer of a daylighting systems manufacturer that is known to be the leader in its field.
  • This will ensure that the system will give you trouble free service for years to come and any support you may need will be available.
  • TDDs cost less than windows or skylights, but that is not all.
  • While evaluating the economic benefits of TDDs, remember that not having to use electric lighting during the day can significantly reduce your electricity bill.
  • Although TDDs can bring more daylight into a room where the light from windows is not enough, that is not all they can do.
  • Because they use high tech tubing to carry light through walls and around corners, they can bring daylight into even the most interior parts of a home, where previously electric lights were the only option.
  • Installing TDDs of the leading manufacturer is easy. Those who like DIY projects at home can typically do the job in a day. Alternatively, the dealer can do it in just a few hours.
  • Buying from the leading manufacturer means that the dealer will offer you a free daylighting assessment.
  • With a number of different models of daylighting systems to choose from, you will be helped to choose the one that is right for your home and your needs.
  • Additionally, the leading manufacturer will also have a number of additional features like occupancy sensors, dimmers etc. to enhance the usefulness of the system.
  • There will also be a wide selection of light fixtures to choose from so you can be sure that what you install will suit the décor of your home.

Do Not Cut Corners

You have one home and it is the center of your life. It deserves nothing but the best. In the cases of the best TDDs, that does not mean that installing one will empty your bank account.

The best daylight systems, from the best company, are surprisingly affordable. Buying the best means the maximum amount of daylight, trouble free operation, easy installation and fixtures and options that will add to the beauty of daylighting experience.

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