How A SaaS-Based HR Software Will Help Address The Current Workforce Challenges?
How A SaaS-Based HR Software Will Help Address The Current Workforce Challenges?

The current workforce scenario is changing rapidly as a number of new sectors have emerged with the radical changes in the job profiles. The gig economy and freelancing have gained a lot of momentum with a large number of professionals choosing to work on their own terms. These circumstances have made the HR professionals in India reconsider their approach completely. This article discusses the SaaS model and its application in the hr software which can help to leverage from the current happenings.


BYOD, ESS Portals and Accessibility:


Bring Your Own Device or BYOD is a policy meant to empower the employees and reduce the administrative costs by using the SaaS model. In the previous decades, it was a common thing to use the office computers for each and everything concerned with work but today, a majority of staff owns at least one smart device if not multiple with an internet connection. These devices can be used to access a SaaS-based HR Software which is the core motivation behind BYOD. The employees can access the ESS Portal for uploading and updating their information in the system. This facility may help mobile workforces to use the HR system from the comfort of their own devices and reduce the communication and administrative workload on HR as most of the employee information by themselves. Moreover, the accessibility offered can help the companies to use their HR Software from multiple locations without paying extra. One of the most appreciated features is the ESS (Employee Self Service) Portal which can be used as the centralized platform for making official correspondence such as intimidating changes in policies by the employer while employees can use it to mark their attendance or update their attendance details, apply for leaves and claim reimbursements. They can also view the current status of their applications. This can be very useful for traveling employees, employees who choose to work from home or ones on maternity leaves.


Addressing the Demographic Requirements:


One of the concurrent situations is a baby boomer generation employee working with a Generation Z employee which means that the HR Software needs to accommodate them together. The SaaS model provides flexibility to use any smart device or conventional personal computers with their UI being simple yet powerful. Apparently, the software can be used to provide a communicative interface between these employees who may be working from a different location or in a different vertical. The organization can choose to process salaries of a particular cadre on desired time which becomes necessary at times. The HR can also visualize employee behavior patterns such as the number of leaves for specific age group or leaves applied by employees hailing from a particular ethnicity and prepare for accommodating them in a better way in the future.


Self-Onboarding and Performance Management System:


The employee life cycles have reduced drastically and thus the cost of replacing employees needs to be considered while hiring them. Thus, self-onboarding systems can help address the situation as the HR can hand over the user credentials to the new joiners who can view the company documents and presentations along with uploading mandatory proofs. This relives HR from personally paying attention without reducing the quality of induction. Linking performance with payroll is one of the top agendas for any HR department. An hr software can collect daily performance data and compile reports to assist the payroll process and appraisals. It can help toincentivize positive traits and also counsel employees who are struggling to deliver. They can be provided with relevant training. This value additions come at a negligible cost and contribute immensely in aligning employees’ personal goals with the organizational goals.


The organization can accommodate the payments of consultants and temporary staff without bothering the legalities. It helps reduce the complexities of payroll processing without compromising any statutory compliance norms. This is highly solicited by every organization and an HR Software can help cope up with the situation and benefit from it. Apart from this, HR Software can also be helpful in accommodating HR turnover in the HR Department as they usually don’t require extensive training to learn using them owing to the intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. Thus, a lot of Indian businesses are looking forward to investing in one and if its the case with you, it’ll surely be a very good investment.   

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