How To Use Soft Pastels To Draw Beautiful Pastel Art

Pastels as a painting medium have been a part of the art world since the 15th century. Popularly called chalk pastels or crayons, these are cylindrical mediums that consist of pigments and binder to add quality to a painting subject. They are mainly of five types- soft pastels, hard pastels, pan pastels, oil pastels, and pastel pencils. They differ from each other in terms of pigment concentration and the binding ability.

In the modern-day world, pastel wall art is extremely popular among artists and art admirers. It is because the art form is inspired by real-world subjects. Although all five types of pastels are used by artists, soft pastels are the most commonly used pastel form to create a soft pastel wall art. A major reason behind it is that soft pastels are easy to use and can be used in various ways.

What are soft pastels?

Soft pastels are a traditional and widely used form of pastels. They come with higher pigment concentration than others and the least amount of gum binder. The pastels have a very fragile consistency which is why they crumble easily. These features make them an effective painting medium for blending and layering. However, soft pastels aren't easy to use.

Techniques to use soft pastels

Using soft pastels may be tricky, but it may become your preferred art method when you are aware of techniques to use the medium in the right way. Below are some easy and effective methods to use soft pastels and create a beautiful print:

Choose the right surface

There are various kinds of surfaces that you can use for your pastel painting. The best surface is one that effectively holds many pastel layers and does not affect the final look of your drawing. Sanded surfaces are popular among artists these days. These are permanent surfaces that do not decay with time.


Feathering is one of the most commonly used techniques by pastel artists. The technique involves layering using a straight-line trick. An advantage of feathering is that it allows you to be creative and make your pastel art print bolder. In addition, you can add more details to your print and give viewers more to explore in it.


After feathering, you can work on stippling to improve your control over soft pastels. In this technique of pastel wall art, you use small dots to create shading. When used in the right way, shading results in a pattern you want to make. Through stippling technique, you can add numbers of layers to your print and provide your print with a beautiful texture.


This technique involves using layers to add colour and value to a pastel art subject. Here, you apply soft pastel layers to your print to add depth to it. Using the scumbling technique, you can apply colours to an area in your print that already has pastels used on them.


These are some easy techniques to effectively use soft pastels and create an impressive soft pastel wall art. Visit tutorials at Pastel Art Prints to learn more about pastel art. Plus, there are numbers of pastel prints created by renowned artists. These are limited edition art paintings that you can buy at a cost-effective price.

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