7 Advantages of Using Laravel Framework Over Others

Taylor Otwell has truly revolutionized the entire web app development process. The laravel framework launched back in 2011 has simplified developers work. But, what exactly is laravel?


Well, Laravel is an open, PHP framework developed to ease the development process of a web application. Now for those of you who are wondering, how PHP based software can help your web app?


This type of framework boosts web app’s performance and enables you to develop one at a fast pace. So choosing a PHP framework will improve the overall functionality of your web app.


But why prefer laravel over other frameworks?


Laravel has been the developers’ favorite since its launch. Since Laravel's arrival, it has always stood abreast with its peers like Symfony, CodeIgniter, and others.


As of today, there are 18 versions of laravel framework. But the recent release, laravel 5.8 has taken a step ahead. With modernistic features, they have further pleased the developers and are now the most recommended PHP framework by developers across the globe.

Advantages of choosing Laravel for your web application:

As clearly stated by Taylor Otwell, Laravel is created for developers to make a swift web application. The requirement of a web application in the present-day is far advanced than its initial stage. Laravel serves to the needs of such modern web application.


Let's discuss how Laravel can benefit your business:


  1. Four-dimensional security

In the wake of increasing cybercrime, it is imperative to defend your web app from such illicit activities. Laravel has enabled coders to strengthen the vulnerable security aspects for its web app development.


Using Laravel framework will give your web application four-dimensional security. The Laravel framework defends itself from malware activities that it will not let your web app get threatened from security threats.wel

    2. Easy Authentication


The majority of developers face challenges in developing authentication for their web app. Choosing the Laravel framework as your development partner will aid your developers to build a powerful authentication for your web app.


   3. Open source & cross-disciplinary community


Being Open source makes it another go for developers to choose it over other frameworks.  Open source software can let developers modify the source code of and if they choose to be creative and face some functionality issues they can always opt for expert advice from the cross-disciplinary community.


Laravel has delighted its many users, hence forming an overwhelming community. The community is filled with members ready to help fellow laravel developers. So your app development process need not get affected by any complex functionality.


   4. MVC architecture


This is one of the many advantages of using laravel framework. Laravel follows a model-view-controller architecture. If you are wondering, why you should go for this structure - MVC has in-built functionalities that can be utilized to create an effective web app. Its capability to document is better than other PHP frameworks.


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   5. Database migration


Another reason for choosing laravel could be for its easy database migration. Laravel enables developers to share the database with each other smoothly. With this function, developers can maintain data in one place without having to recreate it.  


   6. Object-oriented libraries


Laravel comes up with a collection of pre-installed libraries, one of which is authentication library. These object-oriented libraries have excellent features which can be used by even a novice, that means it is easy to use and easy to implement.


The laravel framework is created in a way that allows developers to create modular, responsive and even ready-made apps.

    7. Futuristic apps


The laravel framework may have launched way back in 2011 but it is walking shoulder to shoulder with the changing technology. Laravel’s construct has allowed its users to commission extraordinary functionalities that rank on the top.



There is no end to the advantages of laravel, above are just a part of the lot. Your site is the first testament to your company's claim. For making a successful web app you need a strong backend system. That's when laravel comes in the picture.


Choosing laravel framework will not only ease your developers in developing your web application but it will also aid your customers when they interact with you through your website.

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