Depression; the Most Devastating Silent Killer That We All Must Be Well Aware Of!
Depression; the Most Devastating Silent Killer That We All Must Be Well Aware Of!

In our society today, almost two-thirds of people are suffering from depression; may be in severe form or light form but they are all suffering! It can be said so by seeing the rising statistics of people committing suicide, visit the psychiatrists or just isolating themselves from the world which are all dangerous signs of depression.

And the worst part is that most of us do not even understand that we are suffering from depression, let alone others understand it. So, to eradicate depression from our society, we all must be well aware of its symptoms and signs first, otherwise, it won’t be easy to fight this deadly disorder in humans.

Fast facts on depression:

  • Depression is nearly twice among women than men.

  • Lack of joy and reduced interest in things are symptoms now that used to bring a person happiness.

  • Life events, such as mood changes is a common feature of depression.

  • The causes of depression are likely to be a complex combination of genetic, environmental, biological, and psychosocial factors.

  • There is no age to affect depression.

  • Depression is not always preventable.

What causes a person to be depressed?

Well, it varies from person to person, to an extent where a matter can be very trivial to you whereas it can make a person commit suicide for the same reason!

For example, a news article read that a young boy, all of 28, committed suicide because he was in depression and the reason he stated in his suicide note was that he was unable to get married or find a girl due to which he committed suicide!

It might appear a very insignificant matter to most of us as the age was tender and there is nothing wrong in being unmarried but the very reason hurt him so much that he was tempted to commit suicide!

It’s sad that a mammoth section of our society actually never recognizes depression to be something important and goes on to pressurize people around them for certain things, like education, career, marriage, etc.

They must realize that what appears to be important for them might not interest others and vice versa. So, people must first realize that they should accept people the way they are and never push someone to do such things which causes them mental dissatisfaction!

How to comfort the depressed individuals?

If you notice signs of depression either in you or people near you then the very first step must be to take help of an expert or talk to someone close to you who understands your concern. When depressed people talk, half of the matter can be solved there itself; but they refuse to talk and that’s the most dangerous thing to happen!

Being outward, indulging in activities you like, doing meditation to calm your nerves, getting a head massage by savage oils to fight the agitated nerves or by simply trying to let go and move on at certain situations can help depressed people to come out of the situation a bit more conveniently!


There are many lives lost in the past due to depression and we don’t know how many more are going to be lost in the future. So, we need to take strict measures against depression as it is the most devastating silent killer of all time and kills people slowly from inside to a point when they can be suicidal. Being aware of the causes and dealing with depressed people with love and comfort can solve these issues to a greater extent!

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