5 Types of Green Packaging You Should Be Using

5 Types of Green Packaging You Should Be Using

The threat of devastating climate change effects are getting more and more prevalent in the current environmental landscape. Due to our social responsibility to both the community and the environment, the demand for companies to incorporate green and sustainable packaging in their products is an essential aspect of eco-friendly business.


Your company may be looking into shifting to environmentally friendly products and packaging to present to your customers as you join in the fight against climate change. There are different types of packaging options out there, but just because something is labeled eco-friendly does not mean it is.


We’ve compiled a list of truly green packaging options that you can utilize for your company or business. Whether you have a physical retail store, a restaurant, or an online eCommerce business, you’ll be able to find a packaging idea that works for you!


  1. Aluminum Water Bottles

Not a lot of people know that aluminum is one of the most recycled materials in the world, with more than 70% of aluminum ever mined still in circulation today. Yes, the same foil material you use to cover your baked goods and store leftovers is actually recyclable! This is because aluminum keeps its purity through recycling, and can be recycled over and over again!


As water bottles, aluminum does not require a plastic or wax liner to keep from corroding against the contents as soda cans do. Aluminum water bottles are made from pure aluminum, and can be completely recycled from bottle cap to bottle body - making them the perfect vessel for mild drinks and water!


My Own Water, a supplier of custom label bottled water for business and marketing use, has a helpful infographic on the sustainability of aluminum bottled versus plastic bottles and aluminum soda cans. Check it out here:


  1. Compostable, Plant-based Mailer Bags

Online shopping has become a norm in the past few years with the pandemic lockdown affecting retail sales. However, plastic mailer bags contribute a huge chunk of the plastic waste in landfills, leaching harmful chemicals into the environment.


Instead of plastic mailer bags, you may want to look into using plant-based mailer bags for your online store. These mailer bags are just as waterproof as plastic mailer bags are, but pose no threat to the environment or to your health. These are typically made of cassava, cornstarch, or other organic materials that would degrade over a short period of time.


  1. Honeycomb Paper Bubble Wrap

An increase in online shopping also means an increase in plastic bubble wrap used to keep products from getting damaged through shipping and handling. However, there is very little use for bubble wrap outside of packaging, so most of these end up cluttering landfills. Unfortunately, bubble wrap presents the best option in securing sensitive packages for transport.


However, honeycomb paper wrap has shown great efficiency in keeping your items secure throughout transport in the same way plastic bubble wrap does. Honeycomb paper wrap is made from recycled paper, and has a strategic design to mimic the use of bubble wrap in packaging. The wrap can be used as a rustic gift wrapper as well as compost!


  1. Bamboo Wooden Packaging

Contrary to its appearance and texture, bamboo is not actually classified as wood, but is instead a fast-growing grass with the potential to be one of the most sustainable materials grown on Earth. Because bamboo is a stocky, woody material, it can be used in place of tree wood, which takes decades to fully mature.


Bamboo can grow very quickly, and can be harvested and used in a plethora of ways from wooden boxes, to jar lids. Bamboo is also water-resistant as it does not need a sealant to protect from water, and is biodegradable. Bamboo is also lighter than wood, but is just as durable - perfect to use in all sorts of packaging!


  1. Japanese Furoshiki

The Japanese style of gift-wrapping called Furoshiki refers to the cloth used in wrapping presents in an elegant yet sustainable way. These cloth pieces can be used to wrap any type of gift, and is completely reusable as a wrapper for another gift, or as any cloth used around the home. The idea of Furoshiki wrapping is to provide a beautifully-wrapped gift without waste!


This traditional form of wrapping is now being utilized as packaging besides making a comeback in the modern era as gift wrapping. Utilizing this traditional form of wrapping not only gives your products a sustainable face, but also makes your packaging look unique as every Furoshiki cloth has a different design!

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