Advantages & Implementation of RPA
Advantages & Implementation of RPA


RPA - Robotic process automation replicates human activity and supports certain steps of a process. He can perform these actions faster and more accurately than man, and 24/24. The companies surveyed reported a 9% increase in RPP budgets over the last year. 25% of companies that increased this budget confirmed a double-digit increase.

The benefits of RPA solutions go far beyond the potential for efficiency gains. The study authors list seven other factors that speak for RPA:

The implementation of an RPA solution usually pays for itself in less than a year, the ROI over a three-year term is between 300 and 1,000 percent.

Precision. Tasks are always done in the same way. This avoids, for example, inconsistent data in different applications.

With RPA, processes can be processed 20 times faster than humans. This reduces waiting times in customer service and improves the customer experience.

For each process, a comprehensive log can be created.

A single RPA solution can be scaled up or down as needed, or used for a variety of standalone processes.

By deploying RPA to help employees, it can lower the error rate by providing them with relevant information quickly.

With RPA, certain processes previously outsourced to external partners can be economically reworked in-house, giving the company more control over quality and ultimately customer experience.

Implementation of an RPA solution

Six factors help to successfully implement an RPA project:

1)Before a process is automated, it should be optimized. In addition, the RPA project should focus on the processes with the highest added value, rather than trying to automate everything.

2)Early involvement. The dialogue between stakeholders in the organization should begin as soon as possible. This helps to assess the willingness to change and to dispel reservations about RPA solutions.

3)Proof of concept. Initially, the effectiveness of RPA should be demonstrated. This contributes to confidence in the technology.

4)Holistic design. An RPA implementation must also take into account the existing operating model of the company, because it may be necessary to redesign the organizational structure or professional roles as part of the implementation.

5)Implement and learn. Implementation is best done using agile development techniques: the roll-out is a series of sprints that test and optimize the software. Thus, the necessary knowledge is built up in the company at an early stage.

6)Prepared scaling. Once RPA has proven itself, the solution should be scaled quickly. It makes sense to prepare a detailed rollout plan early on. If all these points are carefully considered, nothing stands in the way of the success of process automation with RPA. As described, the potential is enormous and the space created by Robotic Process Automation allows you to concentrate on future-oriented topics

In addition to these more generally valid success factors, there are a large number of other industry and specialist area-specific aspects to consider when implementing Robotic Process Automation. We are happy to advise and assist you in the implementation of Robotic Process Automation in your company and ensure that the introduction is a success.


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