What is singulair 10mg used for?


Singulair 10mg price in usa, It’s known to be one of the most common medicines used to treat asthma in people who are more than one year old. This drug is also known by another drug known as montelukast. This drug comes with a good set of side effects and is known to have caused enough controversy in the past recent years. This drug is also known to provide relief against some indoor allergies. There are some doctors that prescribe Singulair as a Long Term Drug for Treating Asthma and can be used to relieve the symptoms of rhinitis like having a stuffy nose, itchy nose, sneezing etc.


How does this drug work?

This drug is known to protect people from asthma and other symptoms that come with this. This drug is known to block the action of leukotrienes. Leukotrienes are known as fatty signalling molecules which are used to combat inflammation in the body. The Leukotrienes are known to trigger the cause of asthma and fever. This chemical helps asthma to develop this causing the following effect in the person:

1.       It causes inflammation in the airways of a person

2.       It causes airflow obstruction

3.       It causes construction in the flow of the air

4.       It increases the formation of mucus and the secretion caused by the glands

Asthma triggers such as pollens are known to release the chemical inside the body of a human known as Leukotrienes. These Leukotrienes are known to cause redness and swelling the airways and lungs of the person which ultimately results in the tightening of the muscles. This includes: ‘

a.       Wheezing

b.      Coughing

c.       Shortness of Breath

Blocking of Leukotrienes then prevent the asthma symptoms.

Uses of Singulair:

This drug is highly advised to be taken once in a day, especially in the evening. There are many ways of how this drug is available in the market. They are known as under:

1.       It is available in the granular form in infants who are aged from 12 to 23 months.

2.       The chewable form of this tablet which is meant for children up to 14 years of age.  

3.       In the form of a tablet which can be easily swallowed, usually starting from the 4mg dose and goes up to 10mg for children who are above 15 years of age.

In order to prevent someone from asthma caused by exercise, it is advisable to take it 2 hours before starting to work out. This inhaler needs to be kept in hand in case there is an emergency. If there are people who are taking a daily dose to prevent the attack should keep away from the additional prevention measures.

The drug Singulair does not provide any immediate effect and should not be used at the time of sudden asthma attack. On the other hand, an inhaler gives a result which is quicker and user-friendly.


Side Effects of Singulair:

There are many side effects of the drug Singulair. They are listed as under:

1.       It causes Diarrhea

2.       It causes a person to go through earache

3.       It causes Cough

4.       It causes an ear infection

5.       It causes sore throat

6.       It causes stomach ache

7.       It causes a sinus infection

8.       It causes an upper respiratory infection


Some of the adverse side effects of the drug Singulair is known as under:

1.       It causes skin rash

2.       The weakening of the muscles

3.       It causes bruising

4.       It causes continuous bleeding

5.       It causes red spotlights on the skin of a person

6.       It is known to change the mood of the person

Apart from this, there are some behavioural changes that can be seen in patients after the use of the drug, they are as under:

1.       Being agitated for no reason at all

2.       Feeling of Hostility

3.       Feeling aggressive

4.       Confusion

5.       Being Anxious

6.       Sleepwalking

7.       Hallucinations

8.       Having unpleasant dreams

9.       Being agitated

10.   Having suicidal thoughts

11.   Insomnia

12.   Tremor

13.   Depression

14.   Actions

Every individual who is constantly using this drug is in constant risk of going through the side effects as mentioned above. There are various complaints received related to the extreme emotional side effects of the medicine. It is essential to take Singulair only after consulting with the doctor. The doctor weighs all the side effects of the medicine and also helps in analyzing the interaction of the drug with other drugs.

Some of the rare side effects of the drug include having certain white blood cells as well as having an inflamed blood vessel throughout the body of a person. This further causes the person to have tingling and numbness while having sinus at the same time. If this drug shows an allergic reaction, it is wiser to consult the doctor right away.

This drug as a whole can be said to reduce the risk of asthma in a patient by blocking up leukotrienes in the body. These chemicals are used by the body to cause allergic reactions. These drugs are available in many forms and can be in the form of tablets, granules etc. Best Asthma Treatment Medicine is very important for all asthma patient.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.       Can Singulair be taken while taking other kinds of drugs?

This drug does not interact with most of the medicines but it is wiser to consult the doctor before beginning to take this drug for daily use.


2.       Can an infant take Singulair?

No, an infant cannot take this drug. This drug requires a person to be at least a year old. For more information about asthma treatment, cure and medicine, contact at: Arrowmeds


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