How to Plan Office Relocation Without Breaking the Bank?

Office relocation can be highly taxing for most of you. Without a concrete moving plan, it can turn out to be a big disaster! When you are in charge of any sort of office shifting, business moving or relocation, you must ensure that disturbance is minimal. This is important to avoid the stress of any kind! You must make sure that the new offices meet the current and future needs of your organization. Keep in mind that the more time you spend planning your move, the less time your business will be down.

The entire shifting process can surely be done without breaking the bank. Here are some of the basic ways through which you can plan office relocation without breaking the bank:

Come up with a feasible financial plan
At the time of moving or relocating offices, many small and extra costs can come up. These are often referred to as “hidden costs”. You need to be aware of these costs since these can easily pile on. Many costs can arise due to postponements, oversights and other unexpected issues. Keep in mind that the office moving project manager will be in charge of dealing with this budget planning that could incorporate costs. This often includes inside the structure and new office items etc. Keep in mind that sticking up to your financial plan can be pretty hard. Usually, unplanned expenses can come up from things you might not really have even idea of. So, you must be mentally prepared for it.

Focus on packing and loading tasks
Keep in mind that the entire process of packing is extremely vital. It can cost a lot if you have to pack some really fine stuff. You must plan everything ahead of time, at least when it comes to packing. These might include computers, telephones, and vital documents, etc. Once packing is complete, the loading in the truck must be done in the best possible manner. This way you can stay away from any sort of damage. In case you have contacted certain reliable movers, you can make sure they provide you a good financial plan. This is important if you wish to complete all your requirements.

Go for new office designs
You need to focus on your new work-space. You might have to go for a good deal of repair. You might have to purchase new things. In any case, you will have to contact an organization that will provide you with all the office arrangements you require. These arrangements should be within your financial plan. Make sure that you are not purchasing any unnecessary office item.

In case you have a concrete plan, you need to look for creating the perfect management. You can hire a reliable professional mover. Then, you can relocate your office without breaking the bank. You are bound to feel relaxed at the end of the day.

Try to donate office items that are useless for you
At the time of relocation, you must consider donating office items that you no longer need. In fact, it is a great time to dispose off old phones, copiers, printers, PC's and office furniture, etc. There is certainly no point in paying for moving items you do not need when you have the option of recycling them. Try to get a tax break at the time of donating to a registered charity.

Start Packing beforehand
Never do packing in the last minute.  In case you are moving your own business, you must start packing items early on. Many people underestimate the time it takes to pack by several days. If you wish to save on packing costs, you can go ahead and purchase used boxes and packing supplies.

Hire a reliable office moving company
In case you are planning on hiring a business mover, you must call at least one to two months in advance. Focus on getting multiple price quotes. You must ask for proof of insurance. In case the office moving company is packing for you, keep in mind that many moving companies do not make decisions for you. These companies usually pack everything. This includes trash cans with trash in them. They might unplug a refrigerator and move it with food inside. So, you need to be responsible for yourself. Make sure to take care of all perishable items yourself. Else, you might just end up with rotting food and garbage.

Label your boxes
You must mark boxes on the tops and sides. This way you can locate items easily. After all, you might need to unpack something before you move! In case you just mark the tops, you will find it really difficult to locate items quickly. In case you have multiple boxes, you must have a proper numbering system to avoid losing things that are on transit. This is vital, especially when you hire a moving company. In case you number your boxes with a little description of what is inside them, and the moving company loses any in the transit, it will be easier for you to make a claim.

Pack Computer Cables
When it comes to computers, you need to be real cautious and well-planned. You can start by removing all the cables from computers one at a time. Try to put cables in large zip-locked baggies. You can consider writing on the baggie which computer they belong to. Usually, cables should be removed to avoid being damaged. It is important to keep ports and pins from being bent.

Move Computers Safely
Keep in mind that computers monitors need to be wrapped individually in thick moving blankets. You can also bubble wrap and tape them. Computers should never be placed in boxes. Also, the tape should not come into contact with the monitor itself.

You must protect computers with heavy blankets wrapped in tape. Try not to stack them on top of other items. The most effective way to protect your data is to purchase a removable hard drive or use an online service.

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