Introducing an investment opportunity yielding up to 2% ROI every day.
Introducing an investment opportunity yielding up to 2% ROI every day.

Headline: Introducing an investment opportunity yielding up to 2% ROI every day

Summary: New Network Marketing company launched this April. 100% legit

Fund symbol: MF
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General information
* Public company from the United Kingdom
* Own software based on AI for trading crypto 100% automatic
* Control behavior of robots by regular traders (18 professionals)
* 100% transparency: All transactions from are in real time
* For an investor everything is simple, choose an investment package, make a deposit and get a daily ROI

A new blockchain and Cryptocurrency based Index Fund Services Marketplace which is driven by Artificial Intelligence.
Financial freedom is a constant answer when we ask people about their financial ambitions. Around 90% of traders and investors lose money because of making desperate and emotional choices with their hard earned money which they invest in scam projects. They also lose big because of the ambiguity and hidden agendas of certain centralized institutions. Within these centralized institutions, the share of information is ineffective and third-party manipulation is endemic. Moni Finex was developed with one goal in mind, to create a global decentralized and transparent network for the people, to diversify investment and secure their financial freedom. Explore Moni Finex, the Most Complete Investment Ecosystem Powered by Blockchain.

A team of the highly dedicated employee working 24/7 offering you:
* A debit card for instant and fastest withdrawal.
*Three Different types of accounts fitting your budget.
* Strong cryptography on End to End Transactions gives more security.
* DDoS protection layer on the platform.
* A minimum withdrawal of $5.
* No task, No click, Make the most at no risk.
* Free Pre-event Tickets.
* A minimum investment of $100.
* A minimum withdrawal of $5.

* UK Registered Company
* Professional Management Team
* Genuine Investment Platform
* Strong DDOS Protection

The distribution of Funds are as follows:
1. 50% ICO
2. 35% Cryptocurrency
3. 15% Reserved

No task, No click, Make the most at no risk.
A new launching crypto index fund company is a Blockchain based Networking and Investment MLM service platform is creating an opportunity for Direct and Binary Commissions with a guaranteed 300% ROI on your investments.
The first profit will be added to the investor's account on the next day after investment and it shall be displayed on the dashboard immediately once it gets credited.

No more Clicking on Ads and no more door to door selling products.
Moni Micha CEO of has bought solution by introducing First Blockchain based Index fund platform with great offers that no networking or MLM investor cannot resist regardless of having a backlash in the pricing Bitcoin is facing right now.
Moni Finex is promising you a card withdrawal at any ATM near you which covers all the dependency of going to an online exchange and then doing that long process, that is not it, there is more to it like:
* Instant one-stop withdrawal.
* Come and meet us in London.
* Guaranteed 300% ROI.
* SSL security and DDoS protection.
* A minimum withdrawal of $5.
* Strong cryptography on P2P Transactions gives more security
If you are a networking agent and looking for a new platform for you and your team Monifinex is the place you should look for.


NAME Alexander Augustine
EMAIL [email protected]
TELEGRAM @alexanderaugust
WHATSAPP 8615076231744



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