How To Get More Social Shares & Traffic From Social Media Sites?

You have started a blog but not getting enough traffic to generate money, finding ways to increase the traffic on your blog? you are on the right website. here I have an important trick from which your blog's traffic will increase.

Blogging is not about just creating a blog and publish content and leave it. the most important thing in blogging is traffic. it doesn’t matter how best article you have written if it doesn’t get anyone's attention. So it becomes important to work on getting traffic to your blog.

How to get traffic?

There are many ways to get traffic to your blogs such as promoting your content through ads, guest posting and many more. The easiest way to get huge traffic is with the help of social media sites. You can get thousands of views in a few hours with the help of social traffic.

What is social traffic?

Social traffic is the traffic which is driven from social media sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin, Pinterest,etc. social media is so powerful that you can become a celebrity in just 1 day because the reach of social media sites is very large. There are about 2 billion active users on Facebook and Instagram. Now you can imagine how powerful is the social media sites.

How to get social traffic?

The trick is very simple you just have to add the social sharing buttons to your blog. with the help of social sharing button, people can be able to share your blogs content to their social media account from there more people will see your content and some of them will visit your blog. this will increase the social shares and you will get some free social traffic.

Now the question arrives how to do it?

To add social sharing buttons on your blog you don't need to hire any web developer which would be very expensive. You just only need to get the Social warfare plugin. This plugin is available for WordPress blogs. It has a premium or the Pro version as well and you can get a massive discount using this exclusive Social Warfare Pro Discount Coupon Code. In this plugin, you will get all the necessary features which will be required to optimize your blog.

What is social warfare?

Social warfare is a WordPress plugin designed lightweight so that it will not affect your blogs speed and performance. The plugin is created to add the functionality of the sharing buttons to the simple blogs for making it more responsive to the user.  Social warfare plugin is available in two versions, free and pro.

You can go with the free version if you want but in the free version, you will only get the limited functionality to add while on the pro version you have access to all the pro functionalities which will help you to make your blog optimize and improve its performance.

How social warfare can increase social traffic?

The social warfare is the best social plugin in the market which is used by many professional bloggers to get some social traffic to their blog. social warfare is not like the rest of the social plugins. Here have the most advanced features which will make the optimizing process very simple.

When you will add the social share button to your  blog and if anyone has like your blog post then they might want to share it and let their friends know about it so they will use the social sharing buttons to share it on their social profiles which will do the free promotion of your content and if anyone on the social media will be intrigued to read it then they will come to your blog and this will leads to more social traffic for free.

So now we have known all about how social warfare can increase the social traffic to a blog it's better to know what are the features that social warfare is offering. In here I have only stated the pro features.

Social warfare features

1. Floating buttons

In social warfare, you have this amazing feature of the floating button. This button will be stuck to the monitor and will be on the users view even if the user scrolls the page but the button will be on the their same position. This button has proven to increase social traffic more.

2. Share count recovery

if you have lost all your share count by any mean then you can easily get them back with the help of Social warfare. You don't have to start again from the count zero, this will save you from losing the user's trust.

3. A wide range of customizations

Social warfare plugin gives you a wide range of customization to the buttons and its positions. You have wide options to choose from the appearance of the button and decide where to place the button on the blog post. Either you can add it to below of the post or above or even on both positions.

4. Tweet button

The most liked features are its click-to-tweet button. There will be a tweet button on the quotes of your blog post, so if anyone wants to tweet your post quote then they can do it very easily. with these features, the tweet share will increase and will bring you more people.

5. Pinterest button

The Pinterest button is the same as the twitter button but it is for images. Whenever the user will move the mouse over any image then the pin button will appear with which you can pin the image to your account in seconds.

6. Share count target

It is very embarrassing for a new blog with the 2-3 share count. Seeing this can make the user have a poor impression of the blog. so in social warfare, you have the option to show the share count only when it has reached the set target. So that you can have the trust of the users.

If you are very serious about getting more social share counts and traffic then it is your call. You can invest some money on this amazing plugin and get the required result.


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