Understanding the Different Types of Office Spaces to Rent

Did you know that there are different types of office spaces for rent? Most of us are aware of plug and play office spaces, shared office space, coworking office space, business spaces, private offices, and dedicated offices. So now comes the question, which one are you looking? It is essential for you to know and understand the different types of office spaces available and rented for you to make the right decision. Almost all of the office types come with a slight variation. This article will give you a complete briefing of each type. It is broadly classified as dedicated office spaces, coworking office spaces, traditional and individual office spaces, and serviced office spaces:

•    Dedicated office spaces:

Dedicated office spaces are generally entirely furnished, and they are dedicated to fulfilling a particular work purpose. Here the office space is both private and dedicated to suit your needs and requirements. These dedicated office spaces are specially furnished and designed in such a way to facilitate several other companies as well to function under the very same roof as yours. To ensure the independent functioning of each company, there will be a bifurcation between them. However, each company that functions under the same roof will be provided with the same facilities and amenities when compared to the other companies in the building.

Generally, occupying a rented out space in a dedicated office is like working in luxury as it offers an elegant, sophisticated and corporate ambiance. In a dedicated office space, you also get to enjoy other professional services as well.

•    Coworking office spaces:

In coworking office spaces, employees get to enjoy an Open Office and interactive culture. Here every other person occupying the office space does a different job and work for the same or an entirely different entity. Your coworker in a coworking office space may be a freelancer or an employee working for another company. The central aspect of coworking office is that space is offered at a competitive price and the culture of work is less formal. It is an independent community all by itself where you can join and be a part of several events, seminars, talk shows and more. In coworking spaces, you get two types of seating facilities for you to choose from, whether it is the dedicated seat or the hot and flexible seat. When it comes to the heated and adjustable seats, you do not have a place reserved for you; however, you will have to make your choice from the seats that are available. The hot and dedicated seats are those which are specially allotted for you as it is paid at a special price within the coworking space.

•    The traditional and individual office spaces:

If you are looking for an office space for rent in Bangalore which is independent of others and reserved exclusively for use by you and your team, then the traditional and individual office spaces are the one for you.  In the conventional and unique office spaces, you are solely responsible for everything that happens within as well as specialized care needs to be taken regarding each and everything that is within the office. These office spaces are generally rented out with bare furnishings, semi-furnished, fully furnished even extended ones. In this type of office space, you pay for each square feet that you use as well as for all other amenities and facilities such as for the power backup, electricity connections, air conditioning system, admin, security, stationery and more. Everything is managed and controlled by you based on your budget and office operation. This type of office space is especially suitable if you have your eye on your company’s future and expansion based on which you are renting out the office space. It comes with its perks and advantages as you are free to beautify the office space, renovate it and give it its unique feel as per your brand image. The traditional and individual office space for rent is best suited for well-established Enterprises which have sufficient funds to manage the renovation and other expenses, good dedicated team and expansion plans set out for the future.

•    Serviced office spaces:

The serviced office space is also known as the managed office space, and gated businesses generally occupy these. They form their gated society. Maintained office spaces for rent are usually fully equipped and operated by a separate Department of the company known as the facility management. They have their dedicated team on site within the office which takes care of all the operational needs and requirements. These types of office spaces are best suited for companies that are entirely focused and dedicated on working towards a pre-planned and fixed goal, without wasting unnecessary time, money and effort on auxiliary teams to take care of their office space requirements. In serviced offices, it is quite comfortable and convenient to upsize and downsize the offices whenever required.


Now that you have understood the various types of Office spaces for rent, all that you need to do is make your choice of the kind of office space that you wish to rent out,  based on your company goals and plans for the future.

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