Casio Analog Digital Tough Solar AQ-S800WD-1EVDF AQ-S800WD-1EV Mens Watch

Casio Analog Digital Tough Solar AQ-S800WD-1EVDF AQ-S800WD-1EV Mens WatchCasio Analog Digital Tough Solar AQ-S800WD-1EVDF Mens Watch very light, functional watch. With a massive array of features - solar powered, perpetual calendar, light, 100m water resistance, stop watch, countdown time, world time. The engine in this impressive watch is essentially the same as that found in its G-Shock Gravity Definer series minus all the triple-G protection and glass front (the S800W comes with a Perspex screen). At 1/6th (or less) of the price of the G-Shock, I figured I'd have to lose a few or survive some drops off a ten story building, and still be in front! On top of that, the light is a feature many solar G-Shocks don't have. The backing plate says movement made in Japan, unit assembled in China. Interesting world time switch functions (when you change its locality, the watch hand sweeps around to the local time - fun to watch).

The LCD window of Casio Analog Digital Tough Solar AQ-S800WD-1EVDF Mens Watch is very small, and for my failing eyesight, a real pain. The light only lights up the LCD screen, so unless you have in "time keep" mode, you can't see the time in the dark although the luminous hands did stay useable for 6+ hours. Pricing, weight, massive features -particularly the world time.

Casio Analog Digital Thermometer Mens Watch is a special place in my heart for simple unpretentious watches – which are typically relatively inexpensive. The bread and butter of the watch world are timepieces like this, and they get the least attention. Countless hours and pages are spent on discussing ultra-luxurious watches that will only ever be worn on the wrists of a handful of people – who probably like the looks and the idea of the watch more than the watch itself.

For the countless watches out there worn by the everyday person, there is little to guide a potential purchase decisions. That is unfortunate because it is the “mainstream watch” whose sales really provide support for the industry that builds the best watches that we all aspire to own. So here is my review of worker watch, a rank and file Online Casio Watches. I think that you’ll be surprised as to how aptly it can serve you, and how it does some things much better than its aristocratic cousins.

Thus, you have an easy to read analog face with an included digital window for extra information. You can even have the digital time and analog time in front of your face competing for your attention. I find it interesting which method of telling the time people will go to given the easy option.

The analog face is about as straight forward as you could hope for. Arabic numerals in bright, easy to read white with applied lume, that are actually applied to the face versus just being painted on. The font is strong but simple. The hands are a good size with applied lume as well, and are perfect for telling you the time. Additional hour and number index marks all over the face make for fool-proof time reading. The look is instrumental, but not too boring – exactly what some people want.

Bottom line: A very light, functional watch. With a massive array of features that you will be in awe when you experience it. A great watch but a simple one.

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