7 Stocks That Could Deliver Solid Returns

7 Stocks That Could Deliver Solid Returns


Warren Buffett once said that his favorite holding period for a stock was forever. In today’s volatile market, it may be tough to find forever instruments. But there are certain stocks that have the potential to generate solid returns over the years. If you are into CFD Stocks, this piece deserves your attention.

Let’s check out 7 stocks with the best-earning potential:

#1: Amazon

Amazon is one tech giant that has its hands in so many pies. The best of which is their cloud-based business that generates $1 billion annual income. Imagine how big Amazon will become in a decade from now. Apart from its cloud business, Amazon Prime service has 100 million subscribers paying $99 per year.

76 percent of Amazon Prime members spend more than what they did before paying the $99 annual fee. You can certainly expect to get solid returns from Amazon’s stock.

#2: Apple

Some people might believe that Apple’s best days may be behind it but it’s still not a bad stock to hold onto. No doubt Apple is going to continue creating products that people would want to buy for years. There is no way Apple’s cash flow will stop.

Currently, Apple converts 71.7% of its EBITDA into cash flow. Even if the company selling many iPhones, its service revenue still looks promising.

#3: Pfizer

Pfizer is a research-based pharmaceutical company. It is involved in discovering, developing, and manufacturing healthcare products. It’s working on creating lifesaving drugs and preventative vaccines which will be significant growth drivers. Product line extensions and new products are expected to bring additional sales in the future quarters.

For your information, the stocks of 2018 delivered 38.64 percent returns. Pfizer would make for a great stock to buy in 2019. Its earnings have been pretty impressive too. The average earnings beat in the last 4 quarters of 2018 was 6.46 percent.

Pfizer has its share of challenges in key drugs. The competition in the industry is rising but despite all these hurdles, it is believed that Pfizer can overcome the headwinds and outperform.

#4: Boeing

The aerospace industry has been doing really well and Boeing is among the top companies to invest in. It is one of the largest manufacturers of commercial aircraft in the world. New and updated models have helped this aircraft company attract new orders. Its internal efforts to boost production has been a driving factor in keeping up with its demand.

Boeing has sought ways to expand its dominance. It doesn’t rely on third-party suppliers for systems, components, and other key parts. Instead, it produces those items in-house. This hasn’t just helped the company save costs but fulfill its delivery commitments.

Its stock has soared in recent years already. Even though the market can turn anytime, the demand for air travel is likely to grow in the coming decades. It’s a smart move to buy Boeing stocks and wait till 2070 to enjoy the gains.

#5: Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway brought $1 billion in stock. Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger together have built Berkshire into a company that is capable of running on cruise control for the coming century. Likewise, with stocks you can go for "Car Title Loans In My Area Los Angeles Ca" for your ease and stress-free life. Its impeccable reputation and liquidity make it a safer stock to invest in.

Right now, you might have to pay $300 to get a single “A” share of the company. If that’s not an option, then go for “B” shares which are relatively inexpensive. Don’t buy because it’s Buffett’s company, buy because the stocks can deliver solid returns in the next decade.  

#6: Walt Disney

Disney is the largest diversified media company in the United States. And of course, it’s the global leader of producing family entertainment. Last year, its shares went a little flat. But when together with Hulu, it launched Disney+, things started looking promising.

Its DTC ESPN+ Sports service is continuously getting more subscribers. Then, Disney acquired Fox, which strengthened its current portfolio. How can we forget its theme parks and resorts, which are its major source of revenue?

#7: General Motors

Yes, General Motors is in the list too. Even though it’s a mismanaged US auto giant, it generates double-digit annual gains. Some people remember it as a train wreck but it’s not going out of business. The stock prices are cheap so now is the time to invest. Its profit growth may be sluggish in the coming years, there is still plenty of room for the dividend yield to grow.

Some investors even believe that GM is being undervalued currently. Given its earnings outlook, it has still got what it takes to stand out as one of the strongest value stocks.

Final Words

Stock prices continue to rise and fall. The ups and downs don’t matter in online trading as long as the value of the stocks will increase over the course of years. So what are you waiting for? Put your money in the right stocks today.

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