Best Winter Driving Tips for a Safe Drive

Whether it is a severe winter season or rainy season, people cannot keep themselves locked up in their home and stay away from their job and other activities of daily life. However, it is common knowledge that driving during extreme weather conditions is quite difficult and risky. In this article, we will highlight some useful winter driving tips that can be applied during the winter season to drive safely on the road.

Car owners should keep in mind that if it’s snowing heavily or the road is filled with heavy snow, then they should avoid driving in such cases. However, if driving their way to work is urgent and cannot be avoided, then follow the tips shared below.

Don’t Rush Your Way to the Destination

During the winter season, the major problem drivers face is reduced visibility. Driving rashly in such conditions can prove to be extremely dangerous for both the car owner and the people on the road. It is a fact that it will take more time to reach the destination in the winter season than what it takes in other days. Extreme weather conditions often force drivers to drive at a much slower speed. Trying to rush in such situations can often lead to accidents, causing harm to people. Ensuring safety throughout the way should be made mandatory during severe weather conditions.

Don’t Try to Speed on Snow Covered Roads

Speeding on the road is never a good option, especially during the winter season. Experts say that vehicles speeding on icy roads are more prone to hydroplane and cause deadly accidents. If you have to reach somewhere quickly, then use specially crafted winter tires or fix snow chains on the existing tires to enhance the grip on the road. This will help you to speed up a little but not too much. The best advice is to drive slowly and leave early. You can also find many boards having the “Drive Slowly” message along the icy or snowy roads. Driving slowly is one of the vital winter driving tips that people should follow to avoid any unwanted accidents.

Maintain A Safe Distance And Keep The Lights On

A rule of thumb winter driving tip is to maintain a safe distance of at least 3 vehicles between the car in front of you and behind you. Snowfall affects visibility and if the car doesn’t maintain a safe distance, then there are chances that it can rear end the vehicle in front of it. To avoid such scenarios, always keep the front lights of the car on high beam for enhanced visibility.

Never Use Cruise Control

It is strongly advised not to use the cruise control while driving on icy roads because it will not allow the driver to detect the loss of traction in time for him/her to take control of the car. By the time the driver comes to know of the lost traction, it might be too late for him/her to act on the matter. The driver must also drive the car at a lower gear as it provides more traction. If the car begins to hydroplane on icy roads, then the vehicle is less likely to accelerate quickly. One more critical winter driving tip is to avoid passing the snow plows.

Take Alternate Means of Transportations

Not everyone is a pro driver, hence many may feel skeptical of taking their car out and driving on ice-covered roads. If you are not confident of driving in winter, then it is best that you look for alternate means of transportation like calling for an Uber or taking the subway.

Don’t Panic If Wheels Get Locked Up

If you live in an area that experiences frequent and heavy snowfall, then you must have experienced your car’s wheel getting locked up because of the snow, at least once. The first thing to do under such circumstances is to not panic. If the rear wheels of your car get locked up, then simply take your foot off the accelerator. Once that is done, steer the wheel in the direction that you want the car to go. Follow the step by applying steady pressure on the anti-lock brakes. You can also gently pump the standard brakes as well.

If the front wheels of your car get locked up, then let the steering wheel turn freely. Remove your foot from the car’s accelerator next and shift the gear to neutral. The next step involves slowly steering the vehicle as the speed goes starts to reduce. A key winter driving tip is to avoid sudden maneuver if the car loses control on icy roads. Let the vehicle slow down on its own before you attempt to regain control of the car.

Defrost The Windshields

Before taking your car out, make sure to defrost the front and back windshield of the car. A defrosted windshield reduces visibility significantly. Every driver should do it before taking the car on the road, even if it is not snowing. It is considered to be a precautionary step that can prove to be beneficial during winter driving. Wait till the frost completely melts from the windshield before driving the car on the road.

In Conclusion:

The above-mentioned winter driving tips are quite common followed by many drivers globally. While it is best to stay home if the weather condition degrades significantly, these tips will help you to drive your car safely to the destination. 

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