5 ideas to bring nature into your home
5 ideas to bring nature into your home

It is now the middle of winter and quite cold outside. Because it is not very inviting to go outside, we have a number of tips on how nature catches up with your house!

It is currently a common slogan in interior design: "Bring your garden in." As big nature lovers, we can fully agree with this trend. But how do you turn your house into a green oasis? These 5 tips show you how to home decore.

1. Fill your house with plants

No surprise, of course, but the easiest way to bring nature into your home is by netting many plants. Especially choose a lot of different plants in a lot of different pots. You can place them on the windowsill or on the dining table, but you can of course also hang them up. And don't forget the bathroom either, there are plenty of plants that also thrive there. And in the bedroom, plants contribute to a pleasant indoor climate. The plants do not all have to be tight in the pot, hang them up or make a small terrarium for example.

2. Branches and tree trunks

In the fall we searched for pine cones and chestnuts, now it is time to collect beautiful branches and trunks. Make sure you first let them stand outside in the shed so that any bugs can leave the branch before they crawl into your living room. You put the branches in a beautiful vase or paint in a beautiful powder color. You can use the tree trunk pieces as a stool, coaster or even a hanging table.

3. Provide (natural) lighting

Choose a lamp in a color that occurs in nature. Copper-colored dome hanging lamps for above the dining table fit perfectly with both industrial design and natural materials in the home. But a wooden or wicker lamp is also ideal for creating a natural environment, even if you prefer not to go straight over the top.

4. Go for wood and bamboo

You can do a lot with wood, whether you place an eye-catching wooden piece of furniture or would rather give it a more subtle place in your living room. For example, choose a wooden plant pot, a subtle wooden side table or a number of wooden sheep for hanging on the wall. Moreover, a major advantage is that you can continue to paint a wooden piece of furniture and therefore it can always keep up with the times. Bamboo is even better for the environment and just as beautiful. It has the atmosphere and appearance of wood, but there is no need to cut down a tree.

5. Animals in your interior

Also nice, bringing animals into your house. For example with a nice old school plate, or a (fake) antler on the wall. This trend is easy to combine with vintage items and it fits well in an interior with Scandinavian influences. Even with a sheepskin on the chair or pillows with animal prints, you can bring in a bunch of animals.

 6. Make a beautiful gardern

Garden is very important in the home. Many of homes have a seperate area of garden that should be in every home for fresh air. In the big cities, no anyone have a sufficient area of garden because they have very low space. They have just a small lown. Lown is also good but garden is such a good source of fresh air.

7. Furnishing Ideas

Furnishing is very important for gromming the home. Furnishing is like a cloths as we wears. People should have to high quality furnish their homes that live with a long life. 

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