Tips to Move Your Wood Burning Stove
Tips to Move Your Wood Burning Stove

Moving the wood burning stove is a tedious task. If you don’t know the procedure rightly, you may end up in a disaster, breaking the floor, wall, stove and can injure yourself too. Hence, tips are provided for the correct manoeuvring of the wood stove.

  • Be sure that the exit route is devoid of any kind of obstacles. Don’t allow the kids and the pets to come near you and your moving partner when the task is on.

  • Wear proper clothes. Put goggles on. Wear gloves, apron and face mask. It’s better if you put on closed shoes that have anti-slip soles.

  • You have to carefully remove the wood burning stove’s pipe. Read the instruction manual and do it accordingly.

  • Take a screwdriver for removing the door, griddle, etc. for lowering the load of the stove.





Protective face masks




Shoes with anti-slip soles


Apron over the outfit


Head guard / protective guard for saving head from injury

  • If you are moving the wood burning stove from one place to another in the same building:

Firstly, place a few thick sheets of plywood on the floor. It will form a protective path from the stove’s current location up to the spot where it is supposed to be moved.

Gather three people with you for giving assistance. If you know the right weight of the burner, it will help four of you to capably lift the wood burner. After lifting it, place it the nearest sheet of plywood. Two people should be on each side. If your helpers are professionals, they know the proper lifting techniques.

If the wood stove is extremely heavy, get hold of a flat dolly for the moving job. Take the four-wheeled dolly near the stove. Slide the dolly under the stove. Don’t let the stove remain loose. Hold it. Then, you can place the unit on the floor. Be gentle while doing it.

Now, the time has come to tie one rope onto the stove’s front legs. The other rope should be tied onto the second front leg of the appliance. Two people must pull each rope. The other two push the heating appliance from behind.

Plywood has a low friction factor. The heavyweight bulky wood burning stove can be slide smoothly towards the destination. After you reach the new location, position the stove carefully, do the needed adjustments. Re-connect the chimney pipe.

  • If you are shifting the wood burning stove from one building to another:

This job is even more challenging. Moving from one house to another involves more obstacles that you need to overcome. You have to load the heating appliance into a vehicle and again unload it after reaching the destination. You have to spend some money on the vehicle.

Firstly, wrap the wood burning stove in thick blankets. Fix the protective covers with good quality tape.

Secondly, Load the stove with care on the moving dolly. Make use of the ropes as the moving straps. Secure the heavyweight stove tightly to the dolly.

Tell your moving partners to keep the dolly balanced till the vehicle reach the destination.

Be patient. Unnecessary hurry will ruin the activity.

If in case any danger arrives coordinate among yourselves properly through verbal communication and take help from an expert. If any of the moving partners is a professional, then follow his/her guidance.

After reaching the moving vehicle, you have to use the loading ramp for getting the wood stove up and into the truck or van. Make sure two people pull the dolly from the front and the other two people push the dolly from the back.

After loading the stove on the truck’s back, you have to secure the wrapped-up wood stove to the truck’s side which will restraint the appliance to move during the journey.

You have an alternative option.

You can move the wood stove all by yourself, two car jacks and a sturdy skateboard. Well, in this case, an extremely heavy stove is not taken into consideration. If the stove is small, or, medium and you are sure that you can singlehandedly accomplish the moving task, you can do it.

You can take help of the YouTube videos for accuracy.

A wood burning stove can possess harm to you if mishandled. Make sure you clean the stove and erase any dirt, ash, etc. accumulated in and out of the burner before moving it.

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