Different English Language Techniques to Enhance Your Writing Skills
Different English Language Techniques to Enhance Your Writing Skills

English is an interesting language that has been accepted universally. It is used by the people around the world and is the second language in most of the non-English speaking countries. There are many techniques and features of the language that makes it one of the most interesting subject to talk about. It has techniques which are used to express yourself in different forms. This technique is also used in the GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education).

What Are the Language Techniques in English?

Language techniques in English are the components which the writers utilize to express their thoughts on. These are the elements which are expressed through the words to value the theme on which they are writing. These techniques help students to write in a different style and format. These techniques are mostly used in writing essays, stories, poems and novels in a better way.

By using these techniques while writing the essays or stories, the content is well expressed.

The Most Interesting English Language Techniques


It is a figure of speech which involves the comparison of one thing to another of a different category.

Lets take an example for better understanding
  • During exam time students are as busy as a bee.
  • Our soldiers are as brave as lions.

As we have seen in the examples they show the comparison of both the nouns involved.

In first example students are busy preparing for exams and compared to the bee as she is always busy in forming honey.

In the second example soldiers are compared to the lions as they do their duty with bravery.


Idiom is phrase or expression that is used to express something more intensely and briefly. It expresses some meaningful message.

The example of the idioms are :

  • Kill two birds with one stone.
  • Dont put all your eggs in one basket.

In the above examples the 1st idiom expresses the meaning to achieve two different things at the same time.’

The 2nd idiom, reflects the meaning do not put all your efforts in only one responsibility.


Irony is the figure of speech whose expected meaning is way different than the actual meaning of words given in the phrase. It has the contrast between the appearance and the reality that is expressed.

Lets take an example for the clear explanation.

How nice! she said when he asked her to work all weekend.

Here how nice expresses the irony as it explains the opposite meaning which she has expressed.

After the techniques of English language, now lets know about the features. Here are some of them that make the subject interesting and the content meaningful.

What are the English language features?

English is a language that everyone speaks. Features of the language are to evaluate the meaning of the communication. It helps one to understand, what the person is saying. There are many features that are used in the language.

Here Are the Features of the English Language:

    • Growth of Intonation

Intonation is the feature of English language in which patterns are distinguished. It is the pitch of the voice. There are three patterns of the intonation :

      • Falling Intonation
      • Rising Intonation
      • Fall- Rise intonation
    • Simplicity of Inflection

It is the feature that indicates the simplicity of the words. It is the addition of the letter to different grammatical forms like noun, adjective etc. For example:

        • India - Indian ( Here ‘n’ is added for the complete meaning)
        • Happy - Happier ( Here ‘ier’ is added in place of ‘y’ because of the inflection rule)
      • Fixed word order

It is the important feature of the English language. It helps in the meaningful formation of the sentence. It has the order in which the sentence is formed.

The standard word order is ‘Subject+Verb+Object’

To Sum Up

English, the language that the world speaks in, is one of the easiest language that is known to be spoken badly. It is the most difficult language to use well. To make this easy, it is important we read about the techniques and features of the English language. By these elements, we know about the usage of the words in any sentence, which helps in understanding English in a simple and better way.

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