How Affiliate Marketers help the Sellers?
How Affiliate Marketers help the Sellers?

The main task of marketing is to make sales efforts unnecessary. These words, spoken by Peter Drucker, have defined for centuries the role of a marketing specialist in the sales system. True, this task is hardly to be understood as the substitution of sales management for advertising and sales marketing events - no one will cancel direct contact between the seller and the buyer. Most likely, the marketing specialist should help and provide, stimulate and correct, and, moreover, this should be done both in relation to the seller and the buyer. As a result of this work, sales figures really need to improve.

What is it for me? On Saturday, a former subordinate called who, working for a small foreign company, was puzzled by the need to stimulate sales with marketing methods and asked for advice on what marketing needs to be done. He was advised to a colleague at first to think about what he would like to improve from sales metrics, and then, together, one could think about a marketing incentive program.

To understand not just what marketing can help, but also the place of sales marketing in the sales system, you need to be clear about the five sales metrics, changing which will mean the effectiveness of the marketing program and the quality of the marketing specialist's work. Here are the five indicators of sales quality:
Incoming circulation is a numerical indicator of the number of potential customers (leads). The marketer should know how people with potential interest in the company's products and services find out about your marketing company and enter the communication system with the company's management.

The number of bills (the number of abandoned baskets, plus, paid purchases - for an online store) is an intermediate indicator characterizing business activity.
The number of purchases (the number of checks, the number of transactions) is a quantitative indicator of the number of exchanges for a product or service for money.

The number of repeat purchases is a quantitative indicator of how you work with regular customers.

The conversion rate to purchase - the ratio of the number of real and potential buyers and the way in which the company turns the real need of the client into money.

The average check is a monetary indicator of the average purchase value (one purchase of an average customer).

Naturally, both the marketing and the seller must work on the growth of all these indicators. With the exception, perhaps, of the first point, when the increase in the number of calls to the company (number of leads) occurs, rather, through advertising marketing events, than due to the activity of sales staff (in active sales, when not having money for advertising, they use ineptly and in vain sales managers, as advertising agents - I do not believe). At the same time, in this case, the marketing department cannot increase sales, it works to increase the awareness of the target audience, and, as a result, to increase the number of calls to the company.

Let us list what marketing activities can help sellers improve the above sales metrics and what can help increase and improve sales.

The increase in the number of incoming calls
Everything that is done is done in exchange for contacts of potential customers.
Advertising is indirect.
Promotions, training, demonstrations at events.
Announcement of counseling and training programs.
Announcement of the program of preliminary testing and testing.
Announcement of the program "Trade-in"
Announcement of the loan program.
Announcement of the program personalization proposals.
Cross-programs with non-competitive brands.

Word of mouth
Announcement of the possibility of "direct line with a specialist."
Use the back of business cards as an advertising platform.
Create an e-mail newsletter with the announcement listed above.
Allocate at least 5% of the marketing budget for lead-driven experiments.
Analyze the reason and cause that caused the lead to contact the company.
Money back guarantee, if something goes wrong.

Number of bills
This indicator is important in those segments where the invoice or estimated for the client characterizes, though not completely accurate, the overall business activity, the expectation of upcoming payments and the beginning of the practical phase of the relationship between the client and the company in "long" sales.
Promotion "Limited Edition" (limited offer). Marketing promotion works well for image-relevant products.
Incentive programs for regular purchases;
Programs limited time offers (only until the end of the month);
Announcement of receipt of new items or scarce goods at the warehouse;
The action "Early Bird" ("Who first came").
Action "Last chance".
The action "The announcement of high prices" - the announcement of the upcoming price increase.
Promotion "Show a competitor's account".
Use the account "cap" for a banner with the announcement of a profitable offer, promotion.

Number of purchases
Promotions for sleeping clients - tell them about the updates, offer an additional discount, make a special offer.
Highlight an individual employee to work with VIP-clients.
Use non-announced bonuses and gifts that stimulate the purchase of "now."
Lead incentive programs, if those who do not make purchases during the reporting period
Additional service or bonus for the first purchase (for example, delivery is free).
Create an e-mail newsletter on the customer base with information about the new product, promotions, discounts
Enable the special option “urgent purchase” - service, order processing, delivery in an hour.
Formulate a very basic solution
Get not very profitable to you, but interesting to customers "commodity-locomotive"
Money back guarantee
Several payment terms, depending on the purchase price, the persistence of purchases

Number of repeat purchases
The incentive shopping program at least once during the reporting period
Bonus or discount to the next purchase, secured to the client upon the first purchase
Cumulative program
Vip programs or bespoke coupons/offers
Implement an after sales program that is mandatory for trade management
Upon reaching a certain amount of purchase, make free delivery (commissioning, installation) of products.
Place an offer ad on the exit (both offline and online).
Remind of bonus programs and customer benefits from line-by-line purchases.
Hand the customer a small gift immediately after purchase.
Promotion "Coupon for the next purchase."
Promotion "Closed Club".
Several payment terms, depending on the purchase price, the persistence of purchases.
The action "Gift with payment" (return of part of the cost of goods, rebate).
The action "bei or pay" - the stimulation of low price purchases in the future.

Purchase Conversion
Turn on the special option “urgency” - the client is dried out outside the waiting list, if he needs it.
Personal relationship - personal manager, priority in shipments, additional personal services.
Customization of goods and services.
Extend the warranty on a product or service.
Upon reaching a certain amount of purchase, make free shipping (commissioning, installation).
For Group A customers, reduce production, relocation, standby, and product inspection time.
Make a step-by-step diagram of the movement of the client from the beginning of the communication until the moment of closing the transaction. Test "weakness" of every link in your company's management.
Offer free bonuses (for example, a training course on the product of interest to the client)
Promotion "Alternative offer" - formulate several offers from which the client chooses.
Several payment terms, depending on the purchase price, the persistence of purchases.
Action "Take it now, pay later"
Several methods and forms of payment, convenient client.
Promotion "professional discount" (group, industry discount), stimulating the sale of certain, important for you to groups of clients
The action "Early Bird" ("Who first came").
Action "Last chance".
The action "Announcement of high prices" - is to announce the upcoming price increase.
Corporate advertising and sales information portfolio (brochures, presentations, videos, infographics, reports, tests, etc.).

Average Check
Action "Buy three - get a bonus as a gift."
Two for the price of one
Promotion "on-pack offer (Overfill, Giraffe)".
Limited bargain offer, bonus, to the main purchase
Implement cross-sell
Introduce the "Pre-sale" ritual, mandatory for trade management.
Paid additional services, programs, systems and conditions that increase the value of the main product, expanding its functionality.
Leasing programs for your customers.
Banking programs lending to your customers.
Customer Loan Stimulating Check Growth System

If there are no customers at all, then, naturally, we must begin by creating an incoming stream - with leads. At the end of each month, evaluate your work based on the changed sales figures.

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