5 Cheap Corporate Gifts That Will Make Your Clients Remember You
5 Cheap Corporate Gifts That Will Make Your Clients Remember You

It is important for businesses to retain their existing clients, and encourage repeat business with them. Many market researches clearly suggest that, it is much more profitable for businesses to retain their existing clients, than spending money and resources to market and procure new clients. That is probably one of the main reasons why businesses follow corporate gifting culture.

Companies are spending money to offer gifts for both, their internal (employees), and external clients, as a part of retention and relationship building strategy. These gifts can go a long way in building loyal clients, who will keep coming back to give repeat business. In this post, we have pointed out some of the excellent gifting items that can help you in getting the best results on your marketing and branding strategies.

Fitness tools can be one of the most thoughtful gifts to offer. These days, you can give gift of fitness in cute, compact, and wearable packages, thanks to the amazing technology! In case you are planning to give it to your entire team, it can even boost up employee productivity. After all, such gifts can make employees fit and ultimately make them more productive, right?

Pen drives

Pen drives are an essential gadget used in a corporate world. This is an item which can be used by any representative and an important part of the day to day work. It is one of the cheap corporate gifts which could be given to the representatives.

Pen stands

Pen stands help in making the workplace look organized and sorted out. It is a perfect item for an office as pens are used widely in the work area.

You can gift your clients a comfortable sleepwear. You can get a wide array of collections that will be adored by kids, men, as well as women. Apart from offering great comfort, it will result into customer satisfaction as well.

Toiletry pack

Toiletry packages make excellent gifting items, because they are practically useful to just about anyone. If your employees or clients have to travel often, then they will surely appreciate these types of gifts. Singapore is the hub for many international businesses, where the gifting culture is quite predominant as a token of appreciation.

It is one of the most sought out destination for businesses in the world, particularly because of their government policies which allow ease of starting and running a business. There are many companies which exclusively focus on providing corporate gifts Singapore services to those companies.

Versatile charger

With everybody on their mobile nearly the whole day, a charger is probably the most used item these days. A convenient charger could be used by the workers for charging their mobiles.


A schedule that has the brand's logo printed on it is an extraordinary item for gifting your workers. Likewise, a logbook would help your workers to remember the dates and in making their entries in the workplace.


Gifting is undoubtedly one of the time-tested traditions that has always worked in building relationships with people. This culture also works without fail in the corporate and business environment as well. It is also seen as a long-term relationship building and branding strategy by many businesses, which is why they make it a practice to offer useful gifts to their clients and employees.

On the other hand, it also helps companies and organisations to achieve their, short-term and long-term business goals. Gifts do have the power in them to empower your employees, which will clearly reflect on their performance and productivity. If you are not satisfied with the productivity of your business, then you must surely consider the gifting strategy, which never fails.

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