5 Types of Windows That Will Bring Out Your Home’s Beauty

By jack

Are you in the market for new windows in Norcross, GA? If so, there are many things you should consider before hiring a professional to install them. Windows come in a wide variety of shapes, styles and functions and every homeowner should consider their own personal needs and aesthetics when choosing them. Here are some of the most popular types of windows in the country.

 1.Double Hung Windows

 Double hung windows are the most well-known type of windows. They slide up and down, and are composed of an upper and lower frame. They make excellent additions to virtually any façade, and complement a wide variety of architectural styles. If you are considering purchasing new windows in Norcross, GA, you can’t go wrong with this type.

2.Casement Windows

 Casement windows are renowned for their beautiful appearance and ability to efficiently vent air. They open at a 90 degree angle, and are usually cranked or pushed open. The design of casement windows allows vast amounts of air to circulate throughout your home.

3.Bay, Bow, and Garden Windows

 These window types are highly decorative, and help channel the maximum amount of sunlight into your home. Bay and bow windows can make any room appear light and airy, so they are ideal for homes with an open floor plan. A company that specializes in new windows in Norcross, GA can help you find the right type.

4.Horizontal Slider Windows

These sliding windows are fixed on a track and open horizontally. They offer the maximum glass area of any window and provide even air flow throughout the room. Their large surface area also makes them perfect for rooms needing additional sunlight.

5.Picture Windows

 Picture windows are designed to bring in light and optimize your view. This particular type of window is meant to serve a decorative function, so it does not open. Anyone in need of New windows Norcross, GA can benefit from installing a breathtaking picture window.

 In summary, all of these windows offer their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Before settling on a single style, it is important to take the architecture of your home, and your own personal tastes into consideration. By doing these two things, you will undoubtedly choose the right type of window.

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