Swatch will Release its new SWISS OS in Tissot Watches

Leading watch manufacturer is preparing to release smart watches.

We are talking about the company Swatch, which is preparing to rapidly enter the world of smart watches, and then, the manufacturers of Swiss watches will take the next step and will be ready to announce the development of their own operating system.

And now, in an interview with Bloomberg, Swatch CEO Nick Hayek said that the Tissot brand will release the first watch with a new operating system as early as 2018. Currently, the platform on which the clock operates is being developed in conjunction with the scientific and technical company CSEM and is being adapted for use with smart watches and other devices.

The operating system promises fewer software updates, compared to competing operating systems, compatibility with Bluetooth Le and is aimed at ensuring reliable protection of user data in the private "Swiss storage." Hayek also said that the main problem they are working on can be described as “less difficulty.” In this regard, they dream to develop their operating system to increase battery life.

It is worth noting the fact that Swatch reported on the creation of smart watches from 2015, and Hayek in his interview called the Apple Watch “cute toy”, but not a revolution. Swatch has already unveiled models of watches that can make payments using Visa and NFC, the Touch Zero One model adapted for playing beach volleyball, but still has yet to create a device that can compete with Apple Watch, Samsung Gear and the growing army of watches Google, supporting the platform Android Wear.

The news that Swatch will enter the market of smart watches appeared exactly when manufacturers realized that a difficult period began in 2016, because revenue fell by 47%.

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The question arises whether it is not too late. Apple, Google, Samsung and Garmin occupy a leading position on the front of the smartwatch, Tag launched the Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45, and Fitbit started selling its first smartwatch before the end of the year.

This year, the market is also expected to have a full line of new models on the Android Wear platform, similar news from Tag Heuer and Fossil, although the latter report that the release of this device is being postponed for some time.

The leading manufacturer of watches is definitely looking to the future with enthusiasm and is going to work actively in the chosen direction, although there is some concern that they will be able to create such watches that would be able to compete with a huge army of such devices. We sincerely hope that they can.


As for smart watches, it is interesting that CCS has changed its previous prediction about the growing sales of hybrid smart watches. Given the fact that Apple Watch still dominates the market, and attempts by Fossil and similar brands do not have a significant impact, the situation may change in 2017.

“We initially assumed that smart analog watches would be the main source of sales in the coming years,” said analyst George Dzhizhiashvili, “but the watches released in the last 18 months did not meet expectations.

“Nowadays, a sense of nascent optimism is floating in the air among manufacturers of smart watches, as sales of fitness bracelets do not seem to be declining.”

Thus, CCS believes that replacing devices with people who bought first-generation smart watches and stand-alone devices will manage sales in the next four years.

The most interesting is the fact that according to analysts, every third device sold in 2021 will be sold in China. For several years now, there has been a tendency to manufacture children's watches, and over the past year, 16 million smart watches and fitness trackers for children, brands such as Huawei, ZTE and BBK, have been sold in China.

For comparison, the following facts: Apple sold 1.1 million smart watches in the third quarter of last year and 5.2 million for the holidays. CCS estimates that sales of children's watches in China will increase to 25 million in 2021.

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