Trucker shortage- How can it influence safety?
Trucker shortage- How can it influence safety?

The rising population and the growing industries lead to a bigger demand for commercial trucks like 18 wheelers, big rigs, semi-trucks, etc. In current days, we can see trucks all over the roads, interstates, highways, etc. Trucks are very much prevalent in our society.

The matter of tension comes with the fact that there is a shortage of around 60,000 commercial trucks in the present nationwide. The numbers are even more. As per some experts, the shortage can triple by 2026.

The reasons for the shortage can be many. It can be a high rate of turnover, the ageing workforce, regulatory changes, etc. Again, the safety concerns and hazard lifestyle can urge the truckers to leave the trucking industry. As per USA Today, the trucking industry is named as the seventh most dangerous occupation held in the United States.

In the year 2016, the trucking industry encountered 24.7 fatalities per hundred employees. Most of the common injuries were physical reaction and overexertion. It takes the havoc toll on the workers’ body when they continuously do extended shifts and sit for a longer period of time.

The trucking agencies are forced to increase the wages even as much as around 15%. Many agencies are providing good signing bonus to the newly hired workers. As per the American Trucking Association, the shortage of drivers urge in delayed deliveries and the raised prices. The shortage of commercial truck drivers lays an influence on people’s well-being.

The shortage of truckers affects safety. Owing to the rising demand of the truckers, the companies are staying busy for meeting the demand. But, the lack of eligible commercial truck drivers has certain negative outcomes like the immense pressure to work in longer and extended shifts, the pressure to decrease the standards of hiring, etc. These situations lead to the problems for the innocent passengers and drivers.

If you are a truck driver, you are bound to sign up for long shifts. The truckers have to remain on the road for weeks and sometimes months if they are moving continuously from one place to another doing multiple shifts. They remain away from their family members and home. The pressure of respecting the deadline urges the drivers to drive consecutively for many days. Many workers push their limits of the physical capability to make the things happen. They feel the pressure that was forced on them by the superiors. The connection between the truck wrecks and the drivers’ fatigue is documented well. Being awake for eighteen hours continuously have similar effects to have a BAC of around 0.80% which is even higher than the FMCSA intoxication limit of around 0.60%.

Owing to the high demand and less qualified workers, the trucking agencies are hiring less qualified drivers. The stakes become higher when there is an involvement of the commercial vehicles. The federal regulators have taken it into consideration.

The commercial trucks are big in respect of size and weight. Some of these trucks carry hazardous materials too. Hence, trucking agencies are bound to obey certain guidelines while hiring drivers. The truck drivers should possess a valid license dedicated to the commercial driver. The other qualifications call for health and wellness, age, driving experience, training, etc.

Certain prohibitions are there for the drivers who are convicted of offences like driving trucks with a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.04% and even higher, and DUI.

The laws of truck safety are made to keep people safe. The present issue of truckers shortage can provide the trucking agencies with the urge to bend the rules for the sake of the business. If anyone you know has been injured by any negligent truck driver, the personal injuries can affect the entire family along with the victim. One can take the help of the truck accident attorney and have a free consultation. Many big firms offer free service until they win your case and get you the maximum compensation. Search for your local attorney online. You can ask someone who had been in a similar situation before. Always gather enough shreds of evidence before they are removed or erased from the accident spots. Ask your lawyer before taking any step.

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