ADT Home Security – How to Choose a Home Security Camera

It’s extremely important to ensure that you have chosen the right ADT home security camera because depending on where they’re positioned and their primary use, you will need to find one that best accommodates your needs.

Whether you’re looking to install an ADT home security camera outside a property to catch criminal activity or have placed one inside to monitor the home or a company’s goods, there’s something for everyone.

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3 factors you need to consider while choosing your ADT home security camera:

The correct lens

This will ensure that you receive a quality image. Choosing the right lens will allow your camera to focus and will bring enough light to the sensor on the camera, helping you to read registration plates and recognize faces etc.

Having more detail will, of course, help in all situations, because it means that you will be able to see exactly what’s happening and get a clear record on film. A zoom lens can provide customers with more information because the optical zoom can adjust the light as it reaches the sensor, enabling flexibility and enhanced pictures.

The correct sensor

There are two things to take note of when finding the right sensor: the type and size. These are:

  • CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor)
  • CCD (charged coupled device) cameras

CCD is more expensive than CMOS and they produce a clearer image, ideal for identifying faces and registration plates.

The correct output resolution

The more pixels, the better the picture. The highest resolution you can get is 700TVL but many mainstream cameras range between 300-550TVL. It’s important to match a resolution that your camera can produce, anything more is completely unnecessary.

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What to Look for When Buying a home security System:

Should my home security cameras be discreet or a visual deterrent?

Box cameras present an obvious sign for anyone who passes by that they are being recorded on home security and this can be a great deterrent of theft and crime. Whereas dome cameras are smaller and more discreet. These compact cameras are ideal for monitoring a larger area such as your front or back garden and can follow movement with ease.

How do I know what to use indoors and outdoors?

When thinking where you would like to place your cameras, you might want to think about how they will be mounted and housed, in order to ensure that they’re in the best location and well protected. For example, if your camera is to be placed outside, you will want it to be robust and weatherproofed. If it’s to be placed indoors you will want to ensure it will not be affected by grease or steam from a kitchen.

What are the light conditions like?

Test different camera models to see what works best with the lightning in your area, because no matter whether they’re inside or outside, the lighting will differ throughout the day. You will want to check any reflections and backlighting during the day and night.

Is image clarity important?

Depending on how expansive the area is that you want to cover, the resolution of the HOME SECURITY camera you choose will need to reflect the landscape in order to provide a clear, useful image. However, if situated in a small room, the camera need not be of a high resolution.

Is the audio required?

Audio isn’t required, however, if you do wish to opt for audio there are systems where you can speak to a person who has broken into the property. Audio can be used to deter criminals by automatically playing something when they get a certain point inside, an ideal way to make them think that there are people inside the building.

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