The Importance of Oral Hygiene

The Importance of Oral Hygiene

What does your mouth talk about your health? A mouth with healthy gums, strong teeth, a clean tongue, and neutral breath usually means overall good health and hygiene. Moreover, maintaining a good oral health prevents several diseases and disorders from developing in the mouth. The mouth is one of the first places to show symptoms of  different illness. Bleeding gums are one of the first symptoms of blood-related diseases. 


Below are some of the good oral hygiene habits, and maintaining a healthy and clean mouth is directly connected to stay  healthy and getting rid of developing any diseases. This is why Woodbridge dental care regularly is necessary.

Signs and Symptoms of Oral Conditions

A toothache is one of the most popularly known indicators of a patient having oral health issues. This can be an early symptom of gum disease, physical trauma to the mouth, or cavities in the mouth. Bleeding or swollen gums are generally a symptom of a bigger problem like gingivitis. Another dental symptom, such as mouth sores, can occur due to the presence of bacteria in the mouth or virus infections. Persistent bad breath is another common  symptom of gum disease. Visiting a Woodbridge dentist clinic at the first stage of these dental symptoms helps with early diagnosis and treatment for various oral conditions.

Saliva: A Helpful Diagnostic Tool

The fluid substance, i.e., your saliva created by the salivary glands to provide lubrication and aid digestion, is also popularly used as a productive diagnostic tool. While 99.5% of saliva consists of water, it also includes hormones, enzymes, antibodies, and growth factors. Hence, it is a good diagnostic fluid. It can help successfully diagnose several oral and systematic diseases like oral cancer, diabetes, HIV, etc. It is also usually used to test drug use. Schedule your appointment with a reputed dentist Woodbridge VA for the required diagnosis.

How Does Saliva Disable Bacteria and Viruses?

Saliva inhibits the growth of many bacteria by keeping the pH level inside the mouth alkaline.   Histidines in saliva discourage the growth of naturally occurring harmful fungus and thus preventing oral thrush.

Dental Plaque: Links to Infection & Diseases

Dental plaque is a naturally occurring group of bacteria that develops on teeth, gums, and other mouth surfaces. It starts as a colorless adhesive deposit and develops to be thicker, turning yellow or brown. The dental plaque is often disrupted and removed by brushing and cleaning your teeth every day, as well as visiting your Woodbridge dental care twice a year for a professional cleaning.

The Importance of Oral Hygiene

Good oral hygiene means good health. It does not simply mean white and straight teeth, but healthy gums, oral tissues, and tongue. Besides preventing oral diseases like tooth decay and gum diseases, keeping good oral health indirectly helps prevent diabetes, heart disease, and other health problems. Therefore, it is important to visit a reputed Woodbridge dentist regularly.

To Sum Up

With the warm and humid environment caused by bacteria, your oral cavity makes a great propagation ground for harmful bacteria and pathogens. Saliva prevents harmful infections to a certain level, but good oral hygiene should be practiced often, including regularly visiting a nearby dentist Woodbridge VA.

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