4 Ways by Which Employee Background Screening Services Can Reduce Employer Risk

Employee Background screening services are becoming increasingly necessary in the fast-evolving recruitment needs of today. Nowadays interviews and discussions are increasingly becoming digital and hence the need to establish trust quickly is getting stronger. Organizations are keen on creating a candidate pool but at the same time, the number of fake applicants providing false information about themselves on their resumes is also increasing. Hence it can be concluded that a more extensive and correct background verification processes have become mandatory in today’s recruitment.

According to research studies in the year 2017, approx. 15.21 percent of job candidates provide altered information about themselves to their recruiters. The numbers are even more surprising when compared to the studies from 2016 which showed a 50 percent steep rise in the graphs. However, keeping aside everything a bad hire can affect both the reputation and finance of the company. So, keeping that in mind, we have discussed here 5 ways in which background verification can reduce an employer’s risk and save the cost of bad hire.

1. Background verification can ensure the truthfulness of applicants as to who they claim to be
The most important feature of an employee background screening is verification of identity, with the help of which an employer can verify that all applicants are exactly the same as they claim to be. This way, you can ensure that no fake candidates are hired, who may prove to be lethal for the reputation of your organization in the future.

2. Through employment verification, you will be ensured that the applicants have all the skill and experience required for the position
Background verification also includes employment checks, which checks the applicant past employment history, career map, any gap year of employment and more. This also ensures you for certain that your prospective employee has all the required skills and experience required for the job position he or she has been selected for. Following that studies that say almost 50 percent of employers find applicants lying about the skills they have, it is an important aspect which one must seriously consider.

3. A criminal check can ensure that the applicants you are hiring are not a threat to your organization
Performing a detailed criminal check is an important part of your employee screening process. It will also help you to be assured about whom you are hiring and the applicants have no criminal record, and no intention of causing harm to any of the current employees or the organization itself. Hence safety and security within the workplace can be ensured by employee background verification.

4. Through reference check, you can ensure a positive attitude of the selected applicants
As a recruiter or employer, you are responsible for creating and maintaining an encouraging and positive work environment that will inspire the employee’s creativity, output, and efficiency. This can, however, be achieved by running a reference check in order to make sure that the prospective candidates have the desired mindset and attitude that will be appropriate for your organization.

Do you know that recruiters are increasingly adopting employment verification to ensure better hire. This blog will explain 4 ways of how employee background screening services can help recruiters.

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