Are video games fun & good for educating kids?

Are video games fun & good for educating kids?

Many of the educational institutions are keen to provide students the learning with the fun environment through video games but, they must be aware of the difficulties that are within the engagement of the user experience. In the modern era of growing technology, many of the game developers are focusing to provide the principles of learning when students are learning through games and also developing their interests in educational games.

Video Games Beneficial - WHY

Educators and parents are giving more attention to the dangers of games rather than the benefits of video games that are important for students. Video games are an important aspect of modern childhood that can also develop skills in their lives. Students can help their parents for allowing them to play games, helping teachers with the art of maintaining a proper classroom and providing assistance to game developers create games that have the learning aspect in them.

Video Games for History

Many of the video games have proper textbook content which the students are encouraged to play. Games such as Indus valley, Civilization, Age of the Empires are a few that spark’s the child interest in the history of the world and some other interesting information which the parents also might be interested.

Some of the other games allow the students to try solving puzzles by reading books and checking to the latest media clips that will also provide them with enough material for preparation. With these games, students can also share and exchange different maps and cultural content which might help them in acquiring knowledge with fun.

Video Games for Exercise

 I have been researching quite a few about the new moves in sports especially boys and then practicing in the football field. Many of the students are now keen to learn new tricks in football after I introduced them to the new video games. In many of the sports games, the tricks are new for students, and they can do amazing if they practice those tricks. The research showed that those students who are playing real games are often playing some good time at sports and can lead to exercising in their real life.

Video Games - The joy of competition

Competition is good for a healthy environment and students like competing with their peers. In my class discussion especially with teens, I like to compete and try to win to increase my recognition and this is the main reason for many to play video games. The playing of games let students express their urges for competing and can provide a chance to those students who are not practically god in sports.

Video Games - Learn to Lead

Many of the students love to play in groups and often are taking different roles according to their skills that are important in that particular game. Many of the students who are playing the lead role feel that they have some leadership skills and can motivate other students to play better.

Video Games - Opportunity to Teach

It is studied that one-third of the students played video games as that increased their ability to teach others. Many of the interaction that students have with their situations that required solving of a puzzle or quiz, the ability to combine all the knowledge and succeed. It is all related to the thinking and performance, or the collective effort of the team to learn something new and conquer the difficult parts of the game. Helping them to each other’s enable their strength of communication as well as patience to wait for the turn.

Video Games - Bringing Together

Every now and then I tend to watch my daughter teaching my son to play the guitar. This happens to be the best part of the game that they both play with each other. With this practice, my daughter is now an expert player of guitar and as usual shares her skills in the usual sister-brother role.

Some of the video games are providing a chance to get together and share the feelings or the conversation, which is missing from our busy schedule. Playing video games with parents helps the kids to get encouraged and you might share some of your problems with them. 

Final thoughts

Video games are an interesting way to get educated and parents proved games via educational tools are helping students in developing their skills and asking for British essay help while improving their social and physical norms.

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