Promotional Mugs – Make Your Clients Talk About You
Promotional Mugs – Make Your Clients Talk About You

It comes as no surprise that we’re a country of coffee lovers. With cafes on almost every corner, we’re always looking for our next brew. If you want to advertise your brand and keep your clients happy, then you can combine our love of caffeine with a clever marketing tool to ensure your business takes advantage of an effective strategy with guaranteed exposure. Wondering what we’re talking about? Promotional mugs are an ideal choice for every industry, and your staff and customers can use them both on the go and in the office. Learn more about our new favourite product below.

  1. Range of Styles
    With a huge range of styles, we’re confident you can find the perfect option for your business. If you’re looking for a sleek and polished look, consider a double walled glass cup. If you’d prefer something more traditional, then ceramic is the ideal choice. For those that want to make eco-conscious purchases, then a reusable travel mug is a must.

  2. Space for Important Information
    You can be sure your customers will know exactly who to thank by printing your promotional mugs with your important business information. Include your logo, brand name and contact details, and use a colour scheme that complements your other marketing material for a cohesive look.

  3. Ideal for Client Giveaways
    Looking for something to add to your annual Christmas hampers for your favourite clients or offer these promotional mugs to potential customers at trade shows and events. This is an excellent way to generate goodwill from your clients – when it comes to marketing, everyone loves the word ‘free’. Couple a giveaway with a coffee mug, and you’ll have very happy customers indeed.

  4. Use them Within the Office
    Another excellent way to create a professional appearance throughout your workspace is with promotional mugs in the place of discount-store alternatives. By offering your customers tea or coffee in your own personalised crockery, you’re telling them that you’re a business with an attention to detail. Not only that, your employees will feel proud to use coffee mugs with your logo on them as well!

  5. Not Just for Coffee
    If you’re one of the rare people who doesn’t enjoy a hit of caffeine in the morning, then you may be wondering if this is the right promotional product for you. You’ll be happy to learn that there are a number of other ways to use your promotional mugs that don’t involve coffee. Obviously, they are ideal for hot beverages such as tea or hot chocolate, but can also be used for heating soup during winter. If all else fails, they make excellent vessels for stationary on your desk!

  6. Maximum Exposure through Continued Use
    One of the best things about a custom designed mug is the exposure it offers your business. Unlike other single-use promotional products, these are made to be used over and over again! This means your brand name will be solidified in the minds of your customers, ensuring you’re their first point of call when they next need your services.

Clearly, if you love coffee and love your business, then promotional mugs are a match made in advertising heaven! Whether you’re using them in the office or handing them out to clients, they offer an excellent way to get guaranteed exposure for your brand. For an even more eco-friendly option, use travel mugs – perfect for the eco-conscious businesses as well as those who want to have a cup of coffee on the go. If you want your clients to talk about you, with nothing but nice things to say, then you need to invest today!

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