Popular Window Styles to Consider for Your Home

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Adding new windows to your home is a great renovation that can add value and make it more attractive. The right windows can also improve the energy efficiency of your home. When you are installing new windows, it is important to choose the styles that are best for your space. Whether you want bay windows in Tigard or casement windows, here are some popular window styles to consider.

 Double Hung

A double hung window has two frames that slide up or down. They are very functional, and they often add a modern look to a traditional home. Even better, double hung windows can be more affordable because they are very common. Double hung windows sometimes have mullions. These create a frame on the window, giving it a classic, traditional style.


Another popular style is casement windows. On these windows, one side has hinges. The rest of the window opens like a door, so you can easily let the fresh air inside your home. Casement windows are great at promoting a well-lit environment.


Bay windows in Tigard have a large central frame and two smaller frames on each side. In many cases, the large middle window projects outward. This is very visually appealing on many homes, especially if you want a vintage look.


It is becoming more common for people to install skylights in their homes. Instead of having a roof, you can add a window. This will allow the light from the sky to enter the home. Skylights are appealing in a bathroom or recreation area of a home. However, it is important to install them correctly so they do not break.

If you want to improve the exterior of your home, then double hung, casement, and Bay Windows Tigard are great options to consider. You will love how they transform the visual appearance of your home from the inside and the outside.

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