Tips & Tricks MICROMAX Vdeo 2
Tips & Tricks MICROMAX Vdeo 2

Continuing their dominance in the middle and premium segment of smartphones, Micromax launched Vdeo 1 and Vdeo 2 for the lower segment. These phones are good options for those who are looking for 2G, 3G and 4G enabled network connectivity in less expensive phones – all in one. Apart from 4G, these phones also support VoLTE technology.

 Micromax Vdeo 2

As far as the price is concerned, Micromax Vdeo 2 offers excellent prowess being equipped with Quad-Core processor clocking it at 1.3 GHz. Moreover, it enables the user to put 2 SIM cards by providing dedicated slots to both. It operates on the Android Marshmallow 6.0 version and has a RAM of 1 GB installed. Apart from that, it supports 8 GB of ROM with a storage capacity of 32GB Micro SD card.


How to Make the Most out of Micromax Vdeo 2


  • Along with the GPS technology and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, it features a display screen of 4.5 inches with IPS technology offering a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels. It houses a battery worth 1800 mAh.

  • You can transfer all your contacts from one phone to another phone using the Google Account. Whether it is an Android OS, iPhone OS, Windows, or even Symbian OS – transferring contacts has never been easier.

  • From Android to Android, if you already have a Google Account, you can just go to the Settings and choose your account. If you don’t have one, you can easily create one. You can transfer the contacts in two different ways:

  • By clicking on the “Contacts” option in your Account, all the contacts would be synchronized with the server.

  • Clicking on the option “Move device contacts to” in the Contacts menu, you would be confronted with two further options – Google Account and Device Account (your phone account). You would have to choose Google Account and your contact will be merged.

  • While transferring from Android to iPhone, you can follow the above steps. However, when you are on your iOS device, you can choose the option ‘Mail, Contacts and Others’ in the Settings option and select the Google Account. While browsing through the settings option in Google Account, choose “Contacts”.

  • From Symbian to Google Account, you need to download the Nokia PC Suite on your PC and connect your phone to it through the USB data cable. Select the “Contacts” option on the program on your computer and choose the ones which you want to transfer. After that click on “Next”, then “File” and then click on “Export” – the contacts will be exported in .csv file.

  • On your phone, go to Gmail and select the option “Contacts” and select to Import all the data. Browse through your phone and find the .csv file which you have exported through your PC. All contacts would then be synchronized with your Google Account. It is extremely important to ensure that all your contacts are accurately synchronized with Google Account. It will make sure that you are able to get all your contacts automatically, whenever you need to transfer them.

  • If you want to lengthen the battery time, the simplest way to do is keep the mobile phone on Airplane mode while charging. The mode takes less usage and the charging is usually faster. You should always use the charger which you have got instead of any other USB cable. USB cables have less power i.e. 1 Ampere, while chargers have 2 Amperes. The more the Amperes, the faster the charging process. You can also purchase special chargers like ChargeDr, which quickens the charging process while connected through a USB cable to a computer.


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