Make your Books a Permanent roommate of a Stylish Bookshelf Design
Make your Books a Permanent roommate of a Stylish Bookshelf Design

Every home is different from others and so rooms. Every home has its own design challenge. And when it comes to decorating your house, the sky is the limit.

You can observe a lot about a person’s character by their book collection and the way they are displaying it.

Every bookshelf has a story; it is highly depending on the look. Shape, material, size, design and all the decorative objects you are displaying with the books in your bookshelf design to enhance the look.

What impression you will get when you visit someone’s home and encounter a room full of books? Obviously, in your head, he must be the smartest person on the earth. This is the charm of having a stylish and organized bookcase.

In this article, we will discuss some of the bookshelf designs so that you can pick one which can reflect your personal style.

  1. Enchanting to the eyes: - Books are not just meant for reading but also displaying for every judging eye or for your motivation also. Nobody wants to pick a book from clutter and then reading it.

If your house décor is more towards the modern theme, then you should go for the abstract pattern in bookshelf design as they are not only the eye catchy but can also amp up your décor by displaying some decorative objects also with the books.


Beautiful wooden bookshelf design online



  1. Divide and Rule: - By a ladder-shaped bookshelf design, you can easily segregate books according to their genre and preference. Also, you will get a clear idea on your next read.

This type of bookshelves is more inviting and appealing as they keep your books organized in a stylish way. And, also it will make an everlasting impression on your guests with the judging eyes.

  1. Open Up: - Open bookshelves may not be in the trend but they are the most popular choices when it comes to storing or displaying books.

If you are also someone whose obsession is reading and collecting books, then hands down open shelves can be your new obsession. They make your space looks brighter and inviting.

All those colorful covers of books can really add a pop of color to your space. Such kind of bookshelf design is the best to place in a living room.



Open bookshelf  




  1. Closed Doors: - With storing and displaying books, it is also necessary to keep them clean and safe from dust. You will get this option only on closed-door design bookshelves.

You will so many style option in this like one glass door, two glass door huge in size, small in size. So, that you can get the glimpse of your proud collection and also keep them safe.

  1. The Charmer: - If you are someone who is more rooted in rustic theme then nothing can beat the industrial design.

This type of bookshelf is the blend of metal with the wooden framework. With the metal legs, edges and distressed wooden frame, it can add charm and warmth to any space.

You do not need to sacrifice elegance and sophistication to have a rustic design bookcase. An industrial design bookcases are more like a casual beauty.


Check out the amazing bookshelf designs online



  1. A Reader’s Nook: - Imagine having a stylish corner bookshelf with the kingly wing chair and a green view. This set up can make anyone fall in love with the books and reading.

Corner bookshelf designs are basically for the people living in the urban area or for people living in tiny apartments. They are compact, roomy and can easily brighten up any corner.

Books are the permanent roommate for the people who are in love with reading and collecting books. But giving them a comfortable stay is also very important.

So, these were some of the bookshelf designs which you can choose according to your style and preference and can accommodate in your décor.

Online there are many websites who offers you with the huge range of bookshelves and with the tailor made option also. And also buying online, you can also get some amazing discounts also. 

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