Planning your Resignation

Planning your Resignation

Life will always be easy if you can plan ahead. Yet mostly it needs a sense of prediction. In order to gain that talent, you need experience. However, in the Professional World, planning is mandatory. It is not decent to take actions as you wish. There should always be a procedure.
Similarly, resigning from a job needs a very good plan because it will most likely affect your personal life as well. This article will give you an idea, how you should plan your termination of the job.
What are you going to do after resigning from the current job?
Ask yourself this question first. You may have various reasons to leave the job. Yet, this question perhaps will give you second thoughts. In fact, you may resign if you have already plan this. If you are going to do another job, it will be practical if you can first find a job and then resign from the current one. In matter of fact,you never know if you can easily find a job. Maybe you have very demanding qualifications. Still, your luck will play a major role sometimes. Therefore, when you feel like you need a career change, first plan ahead. Apply for the other jobs that you are interested in. Go for interviews. Once you get a job, you can give the Resignation letter to your current employer. Now you can also mention the exact duration you are going to work before leaving.
What is the impression you should create?
You should never think of “dumping” your current workplace for a new job. It is unprofessional and it may surely give you a bad image. In the Professional World, being indecent will never be an advantage for you. You will never know when you would need the people you are going to dump. So it is necessary to get out of the place in good terms. You need not do hard work to keep things right. The words and small gestures you use will definitely be sufficient. Never complain about anything before you go.Once you damage your reputation, it is hard to mend it again.You will surely leave, so there is no need to have misunderstandings now. In your Resignation letter, appreciate your Organisation however possible. You can say about the value of the Organisation and appreciate the employer, co-workers and most importantly the experience you got. In case, if you had any issues with anyone in the organisation, it will be surely diminished by your Resignation letter if you do so.
The reason behind this gesture is simply “Career Development”. Real professionals tend not to keep rivals. In fact, they become friendly with the ones who are not in good terms with them. It will also affect your reputation. You will need to have good connections to climb the career ladder. So if you end relationships when you quit a job, you have earned nothing. The real achievement is the connections you make and your salary is just a reward. Therefore, before taking any sudden decision, always think about the consequences that would be created. It will help you to plan ahead.
Resigning from a job is not a reason to break the relationship with your former employers. In fact, if you depart in good terms you can even mention them on your future CVs as references. Having contacts with such people is very important in this professional world. In case if you need to find a job opportunity for someone you know, you can definitely contact your former employer without hesitating. Furthermore, if your next job is not satisfactory, you can go back to your previous job by contacting the relevant authority.
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