How Can Educational Field Trips be Beneficial for Students?

Education is not just about reading books, appearing in exams and passing the level with good grade. it is something beyond all these things. I would call these things just a formality because learning is not limited to books only. Students spent most of their time and early age in school so schools play an important part not only in teaching them about books, but life lessons as well.

My focus in this article is only on field trips that can be helpful in educating a child and assignment help. There are no doubt many other ways that are used to teach children. 

What is a field trip?
Field trips mean a short journey where students are taken as a group to have some first-hand experience and learn things practically. The trips are arranged to places apart from educational institutes, but the main purpose is to make the children learn and instruct.

Teachers mostly discuss the subject or topic in the classroom before planning a field trip. So, the students already have knowledge about the place, or things. They just get to see it personally so that the vision becomes clear.

Importance of Field trips for students:
Field trips are important and beneficial for students in many ways. Mostly teachers and institutes think these trips are wastage of time, and are meant for fun only. But it is not and we will discuss it below:

• Learning beyond traditional classroom environment is always more beneficial for students. Schools prepare students for their future life, society, culture, and a best person. So students need to be exposed to the real world along with the education. They need to learn about all the areas of life, not only in books, but also personally.

• There are many subjects like history, culture, arts, etc. that become more dull and boring when students read them in books. They seem difficult to understand and memorize for exams. So, field trips to such places will clear students' mind about whatever has they read in the books. They will take more interest when they see these objects with their naked eyes. Museums are the perfect place for a field trip where students see and experience things personally.

• Field trips are fun because when students visit a place in groups they enjoy even the dullest and boring place. Field trips are also a source of entertainment and relaxation for students because they unconsciously learn their lesson as there are no book and taking notes or even teacher involved.

• Field trips enable students to absorb more information because the things are not presented in conceptual form, or actual form, or abstract. They even experience the abstracts and are able to picture those things.

• Field trips make students curious and engaged. Best are those trips which are organized according to student’s expectations. Because educational field trips are thought as a picnic by students that's why they are more excited. So, when designed in such a way, they have some wonderfully positive results.

• Educational field trips enable students to develop positive feelings towards the topic and subject. They start liking the subject and show more interests in those things that they have experienced personally. They even recall and cherish those moment for a longer time period.

• Field trips are also a source of teaching students how to behave publically. Children should know what are they expected, how they should dress for different places, how they should interact with others especially unknowns.

Interesting ideas for educational field trips:
Now we will discuss some innovative and interesting ideas for field trip where students can enjoy as well as learn more.

field trips can be made more interesting and enjoyable if they are planned to farm houses. The students get to experience cropping of vegetable and fruits etc. the will also learn about different wheat, vegetables, fruits and animals. They will know how all these things are grown and cropped, seasonal fruits etc.

In the zoo, students see some wild animals, domestic animals and birds etc. they experience their habits and watch them more closely.

Field trips to banks can also be beneficial as almost every person has connected to the banks later in their lives. Their children can be guided towards savings, accounts and other services and offers briefly.

Trips to hospital can also teach a lot of things to students. There they will know about different diseases, how they are cured and treated. How patients behave, that an operation is, and how an emergency is handled etc.

Historical sites:
Trips to historical sites are very important. Buildings, remaining, civilizations are very important to be taught about. Students should know how ancient people used to live, and what causes disasters to them.

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