Daylighting 101
Daylighting 101

There is a reason why most people open the curtains of a bedroom soon after they get out of bed. Besides the feel-good factor of seeing a bright sunny day, the sunlight acts as a trigger to start the internal circadian clock of our bodies which keep us going the rest of the day.

The sunlight allows us to think more clearly, function more efficiently and have the energy to get through the day. That being the case, a house that is optimized to use daylight to the maximum is obviously a healthy and productive place to be.

This is a established scientific fact – a search for “health benefits of daylight” will reveal the amount of research that has been done on this subject.

To be able to use daylight for the maximum benefits, it is important to understand what it is.                        

What Is Daylight

There are 2 types of daylight:

  • Direct sunlight is the light that comes directly from the sun. It is bright and carries heat. It also may cause glare and cause shadows to form. Excessive time spent in direct sunlight can cause eyestrain.
  • Ambient light is the light that is reflected off surfaces. This light is softer and does not cause eye strain. This is the light that fills a house after it hits on and is reflected off floors and walls. Ambient light does not cause dark shadows or form.

The application and use of daylight depends on light intensity. Brighter more direct light acts as a mental and physical stimulant and increases the body’s ability to perform tasks that require mental focus and concentration or physical activity. Softer light is calming and reduces stress, helping the body to unwind and relax.

The ideal daytime indoor lighting comes from a natural light source that illuminates through diffused ambient light that is neither too harsh nor too dull.

The right amount and use of daylight can transform a home both in terms of beauty as well as in the comfort and productivity of those who live in it.

The Right Daylight for Your Home

Windows and skylights allow light to enter a house, but there are places in most houses where they do not allow for adequate light to enter. The lack of daylight in these areas creates the negative impacts mentioned above.

A dark spot in the house affects the atmosphere of the whole structure. Using electric lighting does not provide the same benefits as daylight does and is also more expensive because of the power consumption.

The use of daylighting systems can remove the dark places and fill them with natural sunlight so that the aura is the same positive one as the rest of the home. Even a dark closet can be a downer. Daylighting systems that capture sunlight, and carry it to even the most interior parts of a home offer the perfect solution to this problem.

The clean, crisp and clear daylight that is diffused through elegant light fittings adds color and character to a room and makes it a more positive space to be in. Buying daylighting systems from the leading manufacturer ensures years of trouble-free service and ideal lighting with no running cost.

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