The best hard money lenders in Los Angeles

Are you facing a short sale, credit issue or foreclosure and you don’t know which step to take? Is your credit history bad and getting a loan from a bank looks like such a long shot? Well relax, there is still a way. You can get a hard money loan instead. Long gone are the days when hard money lenders where usually illegal and found in dark alleys in wee hours of the night. Now, there are legitimate, credible hard money lenders like LBC Capital.


Hard money loans are loans given to a borrower with real estate as collateral. It can be land, commercial, industrial, a family residential or a multifamily residential. Such loans are best acquired for construction, fix and flips, buying land, settling credit issues and when fast action is needed by an investor.


The best part about hard money loans is that they are easily accessible without much paperwork. You just walk into your local hard money lenders office and begin the process. Your loan application takes a maximum of 2 days for completion and the loan itself is funded within a week or two. You don’t need to have a high credit score or income history. Your real estate just needs to be equivalent to the loan needed. In some cases, this worth is determined using the After Repair Value (ARV).


Among these merits, hard money lenders still have a demerit. They have higher interest rates compared to conventional bank loans. This is however understandable since the risk involved is also high. Hard money loans are usually paid in terms of interest alone in installments then one huge amount at the end of the period.


Here in Los Angeles, there are numerous hard money lenders but LBC Capital LLC is the Holy Grail. We are highly credible and direct lenders offering loans of up to $15,000,000. Your loan is approved within 24 hours and closed in a week. We have Loan-to-Values of up to 85% of purchase. You only need a credit score of 450 and above.


So, what are you waiting for? Call us or visit our Los Angeles hard money loan office today and let us help you achieve all your real estate goals.

A hard money loan is the best option if you are a real estate developer with restricted access to traditional funding. LBC Capital LLC is one of the most credible lenders of hard money loans in Los Angeles. There are a lot of benefits attached to these kind of loans especially if you are looking to accelerate your project development.

If you need to take a break from the frustration that comes with traditional bank loans and start considering hard money loans, here are three of the many benefits you should expect.

1. Timely FundingLBC Capital LLC understands that your project’s time frame is very important. That is why we make sure to process your application within the shortest time possible and provide you with funding. Don’t let your projects stall, visit any of our local hard money lenders office and enjoy quick approval and funding.

2. You only provide few requirements – Unlike traditional lenders, we won’t require you to do a boatload of paperwork before getting a loan. Our requirements are minimal and easily achievable. As long as you have equity in your property and enough savings to complete monthly payments, you are good to go.

3. Flexible Terms and Conditions – You are probably used to strict and sometimes harsh terms and conditions from conventional lenders. Here at LBC Capital LLC, we only work with custom terms and conditions. That means the terms of the loans will only be specific to your needs. We seek to ensure that you are not restricted in any way by unfavorable terms and conditions.

If you are in Los Angeles and shopping around for the best hard money loan options, make sure to visit our Los Angeles Hard Money Loan Office and meets experts who will guide you through the process of choosing the best loan for your specific needs.

Otherwise, you can visit any of our local hard money lenders office and get quick access to the best loans. 

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