How Ayurveda Helped me to Treat ITP - Low Platelets Count

ITP –A dreadful Disease

At first, I noticed bruises on top of my feet appearing in the winters, when I had gone to meet my relatives and was having a bath at their house. A few days before these bruises appeared, my urine had turned a little reddish in color, I thought blood might be coming along with urine. I never have ever visited any doctor since childhood, after seeing these bruises I thought that I should pay a visit to my family doctor and seek his advice, after returning, which was after some days. So I enjoyed my stay there, but felt tired and fatigued after the marriage of my cousin was over. He went away on his honeymoon and I returned to my native place, in Kings, California.

Our family doctor was not available, he had gone abroad, so I went to a reputed lab and got my blood tested to know the problem and my platelet count came very low approximately 1,00,000 (normal is between 2,00,000 to 4,00,000 and my red blood cells were (hematocrit 24%, normal is over 38%). I got tested in another lab and it confirmed that these were actually low. I never had any neurological problems, even my eye sight was fine and so was the kidney, except when I thought that blood might have come into my urine. In fact I hate going to the hospitals, a person becomes sick if you visit hospital frequently, that's my phobia.

Planet Ayurveda offers best combination of effective herbal remedies such as ITP Care Pack for ayurvedic treatment of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP)

I have never felt sick, and now I was worried what went wrong that I feel tired and those bruises that appeared on top of my feet made me feel that I have an ailment. But to be sure I got a bone marrow biopsy done, Bone marrow was normal. Currently bone marrow aspirations are done in the hip bone. All these tests led to the diagnosis of ITP (idiopathic/immune thrombocytopenic purpura).

The doctors at the hospital wanted to follow a particular procedure, 'bone marrow aspiration'. But last year my mother also followed the same test, which was horrible and painful and I was not ready to follow the same one. My whole family came in tension when I refused to follow the procedure suggested by the doctors.

I was gaining weight and bruises spread on my legs, making my parents worry more, but still I was adamant on not going for this painful treatment.

How i Get The Treatment in Ayurveda

I thought let's try watching and finding a solution in Ayurveda (traditional Indian science) field. But didn't know how to do it.Fewer platelets is a serious problem leading to excessive loss of blood.

There are 2 reasons for their reduction, either these are being destroyed or they are not being produced in sufficient quantity. The reason doesn't matter, but I and my whole family were more worried about my blood attaining some kind of infection.

But before anything happened, a cousin of mine turned up from Canada and advised me to go in for herbal remedies, by an Indian Ayurvedic company, known as Planet Ayurveda. She went to their website and made me study the details. I did find the address of their distributor in our neighborhood Fresno, but before proceeding my cousin had a word with doctors of Planet Ayurveda, their whatsapp number (+91-9915593604)we found on the web site.

We called, but got no answer. I asked my cousin, “no one is answering, nobody is picking up the phone, shall I try their any other mobile number.” “No” she replied, “just drop a message and they'll give you a call back after some time.” I dropped the message in their whatsapp number and we both sat in my room watching more videos on Youtube. Majority of the patients were found grinning and praising the panel of doctors. I also became hopeful, that my problem might get solved.

All of a sudden my mobile rang, I turned it on and said, “Hello, this is Akira. Who's calling?” A lady replied “Hi Akira, I am calling from Planet Ayurveda, you dropped a message about ITP treatment.” “Yeah, ma'am,” I replied “I am 21 years old lady who has got this horrible infection and can you treat it naturally?” “Sure ma'am” she replied, “but first drop all the reports and clinic slips on the whatsapp number (+91-9915593604) and I'll call you after few hours. Is it fine with you?” “No ma'am,” I might go to sleep by then, can't you do it faster” I said. “OK, but first show me the slips of lab and I'll call you after a few minutes, is that fine?”

I did click the photos of my lab and clinic reports and sent them on their whatsapp number. After about 20-22 minutes they gave me a call, and said, Then she turned to me, “You can tell the entire history of you and your family or you can write and send me on this number.” “No ma'am, I'll just tell you” and I narrated my mother's and dad's history to her and after that she said “can you share your food chart with me in  detail.” I did.

Which Medicnes and Diet Recommended by Planet Ayurevda?

  • Then she paused for a moment and said, I'll make you visit Fresno and you have to take ITP Care Pack from Fresno, pay him a visit and you will feel better. You also have to alter your food intake, now note down my prescription precisely, if you need a cure.
  • I said “sure ma'am, I am fed up of these bruises, not allowing me to wear skirts.” She smiled and said,”OK fine, begin eating ripe Papaya or the juice of its crushed leaves, you can also add pomegranate juice in it, which ever suits your taste, eat pumpkin and it's seeds, eat Amla (Indian gooseberry), drink a glass of beet root juice daily,
  • Drink Aloe Vera juice daily and try adding spinach in your daily homely cooked meals, but better remember that all these things should be authentically organic.
  • Choose the one that suits you and better go to Fresno yourself, OK?” “Yeah ma'am, sure, I'll drive my jeep over there” I replied. “OK, fine get well soon Akira, bye...bye” she trailed off.
  • The very next day me and my cousin both went shopping and brought the remedy from their distributor at Fresno and these remedies began showing their effects within 2 weeks and my platelet count became normal after within 2 to 3 months time. I thanked my cousin and she asked me to thank Planet Ayurveda, THANKS PLANET AYURVEDA!  
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