Prostitution, Drug Use, Cover-up at the US State Department

From the Benghazi saga to now another allege cover-up of prostitution, drug smuggling at the place you would least expect, the State Department.

It is reported that some high ranking officials in the State Department solicited sex from prostitutes during their stay in some foreign destinations. This would not be anything new given that even the president's security detail in Columbia solicited sex. His subsequent trip to the country found it hard separate itself from the scandal as news coverage was mostly about what took place between secret service personnel and prostitutes. What is even hilarious is that the secret service personnels seemed to have gotten into a shouting match with a couple of prostitutes because they felt underpaid. What a joke about the secret service!!

Hilary as smart as she is will definitely come out unscathed although the scandal is likely to induce more negative impressions about her management style. It is interesting that such a major news story could have been covered up without her notice whatsoever.

As always Republicans with Darrel Issa leading the pack will try to poke and prod to ensnared the administration with some makeup. This is Washington. Nobody wants to do their job, they just pretend to be at work by setting up useless committees that end up resolving nothing, but laughable and irrelevant statements that amount to nothing.

The State department inspector general issued a report after thoroughly investigating sexual and drug allegations that the issue of prostitution and drug use at the department was a pervasive and endemic issue. It is hard to conclude that such a critical internal report could have missed the top management staff at the State Department including Hilary. Likely an informed decision was made to inform her, but not provide any formal report to her as should have been the case. That way she could say she does not remember ever being told or she was never reported to. Where is the prove sir?

The current scandal brewing up poses a serious threat to Hilary's bid for the presidency given that it all happened when she was at the State Department. Hilary's recent comment with respect to the scandal has only been that she knew nothing about the scandal. Its possible she knew nothing, but that is hard to believe she did not have some informal briefing of some sort.

Was the scandal covered up to protect Hilary's reputation or is this just another attempt to threw sullied Hilary before the presidential election hits up. Either way the Obama administration is likely to fine a way to suppress it given all the scandals and alleged scandals that have mired the second term of the administration.

It is also reported that some officials were sent out to investigate, but were never given enough time to complete their investigations.

The truth should come out, but congress should not use this as another opportunity to forgo more serious business like getting the spending spree responsibly under control while also working hard to get folks back to work.

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