5 Career Opportunities in Aviation
5 Career Opportunities in Aviation

The aviation industry is currently experiencing a rapid growth worldwide. Airways play a major role in enhancing global connectivity and with tourism booming worldwide the growth in this industry is vast. Obliging to the increase in air traffic passenger demand, the need for airlines has shot up tremendously. Facing annual increase in passenger demand and higher competition in tourism and aviation market, countries around the world are investing in the aviation industry to boost more career opportunities in the industry. Amidst this increased demand, the aviation industry could easily provide you with amazing career opportunities and we definitely cannot neglect the heavy pay!


Here are 5 career opportunities in aviation that could probably be your next dream job.


1. Pilot

Who doesn’t wish to fly in the sky? Apart from this figurative dream, many people literally choose to fly in the sky. Being a pilot is the most common career option that comes to our mind when we think of a career in aviation. It is a very lucrative job and all it requires is a degree from any pilot training academy and a pilot license. Either commercial or corporate, pilots make good money and most importantly explore the world while on job.

2. Aeronautical engineer

If mechanics peaks your interests and physics is your best friend then aeronautical engineering is the perfect career for you. Known to be a career of the geeks, Aeronautical engineers are responsible for designing, developing, manufacturing, and maintaining aircrafts. Employers seek employees who have graduated with a degree in Aeronautical engineering or any equivalent and relevant experience is certainly valued.

3. Aviation Manager

If handling operations gives you the kick then becoming an aviation manager is the right career path for you. As an aviation manager you are required to handle the daily operations of airlines, supervise departments, and ensure smooth functioning of the airport. It is essential to have a Bachelor’s degree from any leading aviation training academy to be appointed as an aviation manager. However, be ready to work for long hours as this job can be demanding at times.


4. Flight Attendant

Another mainstream, but, interesting career is that of a flight attendant. Becoming a flight attendant is the most sought career option by the millennial who are interested in aviation. The job might seem simple but comes with a lot of responsibilities and is not easy. The educational qualification required is a graduation from any aviation institute or aviation academy post 10+2. The average career span is from 8-10 years and varies over different company policies.

5. Air Traffic Controller

Without an air traffic controller it would have been impossible to run smooth and impeccable airway connectivity.Air traffic controllers regulate air traffic within the airport’s air space or air traffic between airports. They also communicate visibility issues, weather changes, wind conditions, and nearby aircrafts to the pilots using radar, computers or visuals to the monitoring aircraft. They also provide the pilots with landing and departure authorizations. To become an air traffic controller, you must compulsorily have minimum three years of experience and a bachelor’s degree from an aviation institute.

So these are the 5 leading career opportunities in the aviation industry. Choose where your passion truly lies and follow it relentlessly because aviation is literally the next big thing!

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