5 Reasons To Quit Your Job And Go Travelling

Another weekend passes by and you’re using your Sunday to get ready for the 5-day 9-5 work schedule again. Clothes are ironed, the alarm has been set and the great time you had over the weekend is now just a distant memory. It’s a common occurrence in most people's lives, and they’ll be the first to admit it, yet many of them don’t like to act on it. If you hate your job, you shouldn’t have to live the rest of your life not enjoying it. There are always better options and a popular one is the escapism of travelling. So, why should you feel the need to do it? Here are just a few reasons why.


You’re Bored


You spend pretty much the majority of your life working, so the time you spend doing it should be an enjoyable one. It shouldn’t leave you feeling unmotivated and miserable. If your job bores you and you don’t enjoy it, why don’t you experience something that will? The opportunity to travel the world will open your eyes to a new culture and a new way of life. It’ll give you the chance to experience something you’ve never experienced before, and that in itself is something to definitely get excited about.


Savings Are Available In Your Account


When people are young, they always have life goals and aspirations. Some stick to it, but some don’t, and most of the time it’s no fault of their own. It’s easy to say you’ll get on the property market by 24 and then be married by 26. However, it’s not always the case. Travelling the world can be expensive, but if you plan it right you can definitely get your monies worth. Materialistic objects last a few years. Experiences last a lifetime.


You Want A Change Of Scenery


Being in a repetitive job and seeing the same faces can be tedious. For some, it’s a comfort and easy way of life but others tend to get bored quite easily and enjoy experiencing new things. What better way to accomplish that then by travelling? Visiting different countries and tourist sites means you’ll hardly experience anything similar. There are plenty of countries that offer so much to the avid traveller, it’s just about finding the right countries to visit.


Work Isn’t Flexible

With the rise of millennials in full-time work, more employers are looking to flexible working to attract top talent. Yet many employers still stick to the traditional 9-5 without a lot of flexibility, which can make work life quite routine and disinteresting. When motivation goes down the drain it can be hard to maintain productivity and complete work to the highest standard. All those stresses can go away if you choose to quit your job and go travelling instead. You can control your trip and enjoy the things you like, without someone in the background instructing you with what to do (unless you go with someone who’s a bit difficult to deal with).


You’re In A Toxic Work Environment


Your boss is constantly yelling at you, your work colleagues aren’t exactly the most pleasant you’ve come across and the maintenance team are so rubbish, they can’t even install the stainless steel ductwork properly. It all just adds up to unnecessary stress and gets you worked up for little things. There comes a point in life where you’ve had enough and just prefer to get away from it all. Travelling is the perfect option where instead of casting your eyes on a dull looking office, you can be looking out to sea and sun from your hotel window.

Life’s too short to not enjoy it. If a career is bogging you down and making you feel down, make the most of what you have and travel the world for a chance to explore new beginnings and create long-lasting memories.


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