How Should You Tackle The Job Market After Being Fired?
How Should You Tackle The Job Market After Being Fired?

Getting fired is a prospect that everyone dreads. Not only is an embarrassing blip on your resume, but it also leaves you in a vulnerable position where you need to quickly find new employment. While everyone would love the option to leave a job on their own terms, this simply isn’t the case in some instances.

Whether it was something you’d expected or a complete and utter shock, here are some tips on how you should tackle the job market after being fired:


Unfair Dismissal? Contact A Lawyer

There are some instances when dismissal can seem particularly unjust. Wrongful dismission is when you believe that your employer has terminated your contract without fair reason to do so. If you believe that your firing was unfair, then you have every right to contact dispute resolution lawyers who should be able to help. They will analyse your case to see whether you have a right to claim against the company. To be sure you’re not wasting time or funds, look over your rights as an employee to check whether your firing falls under the unfair dismissal guidelines.


Get Networking

You’ve probably made some good connections during your employment, and it would be a shame to let these go just because you’ve left the company. If you plan on staying in the same industry, it may actually be that these contacts are useful going forward. Reach out to old co-workers and contacts to keep the relationship going.  


Sort Out Your Resume

You’re likely to be overwhelmed at first before you even consider applying for a new job. However, this stage is inevitable and you won’t be able to long without securing new employment if you’ve got bills to pay! It’s important to take a proactive approach as soon as you can to work on your CV and get it up to scratch. The worst case scenario is a large gap on your CV. To avoid this, you could try volunteering or enrolling on a course in-between jobs. This can also help you further develop your skills.


Enlist The Help Of A Recruitment Agency

At first, you may find it difficult to find a new job immediately. Especially if your specialities are in a competitive field such as law or computing. That’s why it can sometimes be beneficial to enlist the help of a recruitment agency. Though they can sometimes have a bad rep, they exist solely to help people like you find new employment. What’s more, some agencies are industry specific, meaning that they have strong relationships with good companies.


Don’t Lie

It’s important to be as transparent as possible, so don’t lie on your CV. Of course, you don’t want to draw attention to the fact that you were fired from your previous employment. However, lying about it could lead to problems in the future. During interviews, if you do get asked about your old workplace by the interviewer, keep your answer short and concise.


It can be a difficult situation to be in when you've just been fired from a job. There are many points that you have to consider, but if there's one thing you should do it's taking responsibility for your actions and using the mistakes that you've made to grow better as an employee. Using these tips will ensure you go in the right direction after a firing.

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